Save Misty disappearing before time up

belleabubelleabu Posts: 7
The levels (special) for Misty, Odus etc are disappearing before the 48 hours is up.  I complete a level or 2, go to main screen and notice as the day goes on, it’s missing?

I am connected to internet, have reinstalled and all updates are up to date

playing on my iPhone 
thank you


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 12,177 Superstar
    Hi @belleabu, so are you saying that these challenges disappear from your game before the time frame is up?  Also if you completed level 2, what happens when you go back into the game?  Is it totally gone so you can no longer see where you were at?

    You are the first player reporting this so I am going to keep my eyes open here in the next few days to see if anyone else reports this.  It might be the beginning of a new glitch.  Thanks for posting here.
  • belleabubelleabu Posts: 7
    Yes that’s exactly it!  After I completed 2 levels, it disappears.  I click on the book and the challenge is gone.  I was surprised that no one else posted about it.  It’s happened for a few times.  
    Thank you for your response!  
    I love those challenges 🤗
  • chococandychococandy Posts: 1
    Hi,  this is exactly My Problem,  too!
    My levels disappeared just after I got my bonus of the fishing challenge.
    Who can help? T
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 12,177 Superstar
    Hi @belleabu and @chococandy, now we have to with this!  Before I elevate this to the Community Manager, I need to ask both of you to please do some troubleshooting from the links below.   Also please make sure that you are using the most recent version of the game.

  • belleabubelleabu Posts: 7
    Thank you 
    Updates all good 
    I deleted the game and reinstalled 
    Sadly for me I lost my boosters 😞
    I thought it was going to be ok since I use Facebook to log in.  😱

    So I do have ‘Wake Odus’ 
    I will try to get past the first 2 and see what happens after level 2
  • thdrbltz19thdrbltz19 Posts: 1
    I’ve been having the same problem for over a week.
    One moment it’s there the next it’s gone.
    just had a “Save Misty” pop up (with like 22hrs left on it, not the normal 48ish) but I had to do something so closed the app and 10mintues later it was gone. Quite irritating. 
    I’m on an iPhone as well, and my app is up to date.

  • belleabubelleabu Posts: 7
    I deleted mine and lost all boosters
    i got another challenge today or yesterday and it’s gone again 

    Hoping they look into this 
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 12,177 Superstar
    Hi @belleabu, @chococandy and @thdrbltz19, I am going to have @Xarly, Community Manager, check out this message.  He is very busy at the moment so he might not be able to get back here until some time next week.  But he will come and read this message.

  • belleabubelleabu Posts: 7
    Thank you 😊 
  • XarlyXarly Posts: 1,037 Community Manager
    Hi all,

    Thanks for raising this! Always make sure that your connection is safe while playing. That said, I will keep an eye so any new reports of this behaviour (from you here or new players is more than welcome).

    Cheers and sorry for any inconveniences!

  • belleabubelleabu Posts: 7
    An update 
    this week it happened
    and today—it was there , new one.  Played 1st level, left game and now it’s gone again.  
    All updates are good

    wonder if others reporting this yet ? Or I’ll just have to accept it’s me lol
  • XarlyXarly Posts: 1,037 Community Manager
    Hey @belleabu ,

    I took the case to the studio and I have good news and bad news:

    Good news is you are not the only one and you are not going crazy here! :pleased:

    Bad news is that this is an issue that, although the studio is aware of it, is hard to fix. We will keep sending cases like yours but in the meanwhile, just make sure that you have the latest connection and that your game is up to date (as you mention yourself).

    I have sent some compensations to your account so when you log into the game you will be able to find them. I hope this alleviates the troubles!


  • belleabubelleabu Posts: 7
    Thank you very much! And I’m glad it’s not just me.  Appreciate your response.  I enjoy a little extra competition within the game.  
    Have a great day 
  • CassyCassy Posts: 1
    It has happened to me as well.  I beat level 5 and Misty has disappeared.  According to the timer I still have 24 hrs left to save Misty.  I have followed the trouble shooting, but still no Misty.
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