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Can my levels be restored???

mcbrownmcbrown Posts: 24 Level 2

I had to reinstall the gonna and now I'm back at level 1

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  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 3,611 Soda Moderator
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    Hi @mcbrown and welcome :)

    If you have a Facebook or King account (email + password) you can try recovering your progress by following rajdeeptb's link.

    If you didn't have any account then you lost your progress permanently when you reinstalled, unfortunately.

    But don't worry! it can still be recovered. If you don't have an Fb or King account please create it.

    Then tell us your last level you wish to return to and you game ID which is a 10 digits number so your game can be located and progress manually restored by a community manager @Lola_Pop @LadyRaffie

    here's how you can find your game ID:

    on Facebook: HERE

    on King account: HERE

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