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πŸ§πŸ“ Jelly Feedback Discussions πŸ“πŸ§

Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 4,152 Jelly Moderator
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πŸ§πŸ“ Jelly Feedback Discussions πŸ“πŸ§

Hi Jelly Ohana,

Constructive feedback helps us look deeper at a topic! What is it though? πŸ€”

Insightful comments on what you guyz think about the topic presented. Detail in answers is wonderful!! The more detail the better!! You can even include screenshots if you like or start your own discussion.😎

It's ok to say you don't like something, rather than leave it at that though, would you please let us know why you may dislike or like something? Is it colours, accessibility issues, theme, character etc. πŸ‘

Prefer something else? Let us know in your comments :0) Like something but think it could do with some tweaking? let us know how you think it could be tweaked or why πŸ€—

If you haven't seen the threads below, why not check them out and let us know what you think? Commented already but thought of something new to add? That's great too πŸ₯°

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