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How do you beat level 2800? I’ve been on here for weeks.

Logansgirl Posts: 1 Newbie

Level 2800 is virtually impossible to beat. I’m about to delete the game because there is no assistance. I would suggest that you give as a bonus the option to skip a level. This is one reason why many of my friends no longer play because they cannot get past the levels. I’m usually pretty good which is why I’m at level 2800 but to stay on the same level for so long is frustrating.


  • Baz_James
    Baz_James Posts: 861 Level 3

    I'm not sure what kind of assistance you think should be made available. You've presumably realised that you need to keep releasing keys and collecting from either or both of the dispensers in the outer columns and that's really all there is to it. Yes it takes a huge slice of luck and probably some nifty work with hammers to get everything done in the time but that's why it's called a game! I cannot support your request for an option to skip levels. What's the point of a game that you can effectively win without playing?

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