Why can't I send or receive lives from friends?



  • VeraSaraivaVeraSaraiva Posts: 2
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  • VeraSaraivaVeraSaraiva Posts: 2
    Não consigo enviar vidas pedidas pelos jogadores . Dá erro.
  • JennseayJennseay Posts: 9
    I am having the same issue with not receiving any lives. I request them constantly and no one ever sends me any lives! 
    I am using only King account on iPhone. 
  • 60Jewelers60Jewelers Posts: 1
    I cannot send or get lives!!! What can I do to get them back!!!
  • SherlockSherlock Posts: 11
    There’s nothing you can do and King.com is no help. This has gone on for so long that it’s clear it won’t be fixed. It’s probably a purposeful scam to get you to spend money. Shame on King.com
  • SedantraSedantra Posts: 2
    edited October 7

    Hi, I can't send lives and don't receive them and I asked for help to enter the next Episode (Lev 651) since more than a month - nearly each day:

    - I get no requested help to step up to the next episode

    - It shows time left to access next Lev: 0hrs 0min 0sec for weeks - but I can't Access lev 651

    Is there anyone in the support-Team to check this?


  • theresa_mhattheresa_mhat Posts: 1
    Since I got a new iPhone I haven’t been receiving lives. I send a ton and maybe get 1 back a day when I know a ton are in fact sending me back lives. 
    Yet I go on the iPad and have a ton of lives but different level. So frustrating. 
  • Sue_ClarkeSue_Clarke Posts: 0
    I can't open my envelope and it shows no lives even though I know someone has sent me some
  • RoguesRogues Posts: 1
    edited November 21
    Hi guys,
    It is now November 2019 - 12 months has passed since postings appeared.
    Can you advise if any progress has been made on this issue?  Is it being looked at?
  • rita4rita4 Posts: 1
    So far nothing was or is fixed only more bugs like having 4 piggy banks on the game page map but receiving  or sending lifes is not a exact succes it is too bad im new and enjoy this game very much but unable to receive or s3nd lifes just make it bad experience

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