Why can't I send or receive lives from friends?



  • Seems to me also that there will be no fix on the candy crush saga game, sad
  • candycrazecandycraze Posts: 0
    i am new to candy crush and i'm playing online on king.com using safari browser on a mac. The toothfairy never unlocked an episode for me so far even after 72 hours. I always used my gold bars to get to the next level so far. Why is the tooth fairy not unlocking it?
  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 9,224 Superstar
    Hello @Pony
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  • sharon18sharon18 Posts: 1
    I log out my Facebook still I cannot get back my candy crush which I already played more than 3 thousand plus. Tks
  • Jelly_JennyJelly_Jenny Posts: 1,902 Community Moderator
    Hi @candycraze @Pony :waving:

    I have merged your posts to this existing one, so you can keep a better eye on updates on this issue. 

    We've been experiencing issues with life, roadblock and extra moves requests at king.com. In spite of their best efforts, our Studio team haven’t yet been able to resolve this issue, but are still working very hard to get a fix in place for you.

    Due to the nature of this type of investigation, it’s not possible to give an exact date for the resolution, I’m afraid. The Studios strive to deliver the best playing experience, but bugs or errors can be tricky to pin down for a number of technical reasons.

    The issue is only with king.com platform however, and if you are able to play on another one, we recommend using that as a workaround for now. Other supported platforms are Facebook, Windows 10, Android, Apple and Kindle. You can find links to these platforms here under "Play Now". 

    This is a frustrating issue to have but hopefully you are able to play on the platform of your choice really soon. 

    I will update you later when I know this issue has been fixed. Thanks for your patience 🙏

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  • MaryBLMaryBL Posts: 53 ✭✭
    I have uninstalled Candy Crush from my device. I will not be trapped into handing over money every day to play this game. No wonder candy crush stopped any free lives from friends in king.com.,it's to make us spend megabucks. Well it hasn't worked with me.
  • tbacktback Posts: 8
    I just Posted in another thread that has this same topic. The above post states that this problem only happens on king.com but this is not true. I am using the Apple phone app, and I no longer receive lives or requests for lives from other people. I am lucky in the fact that  I can receive lives from a fellow household member that happens to be in my friends circle. But this is the only request that ever goes through. They have to be online at the exact same time as well. I also do not play through Facebook.
  • cindypopscindypops Posts: 2
    Hi. I cannot get to the next level as the program will not let me ask friends and I have had no extra lives for weeks
  • MaryBLMaryBL Posts: 53 ✭✭
    Tech support seems unable to fix this.its now been going on for well over a month.
  • Marilyn-3Marilyn-3 Posts: 70 ✭✭
     Since May 29 update. Two months. Unacceptable. I don't think they intend on fixing it at all. Maybe it was deliberate to get players to purchase lives and tickets. That's my take on all of this.
  • poucette6153poucette6153 Posts: 1
    Tapez votre commentaire
  • PeggyleePeggylee Posts: 5
    I had a Facebook account in candy crush with all my friends but now I have a king account, I can't get any life's, when I ask for them nothing comes up, please help
  • SherlockSherlock Posts: 11
    This has been an ongoing issue. Don't count on it getting fixed anytime soon. It's very apparent they have no intention of fixing the problem.
  • king9886921099king9886921099 Posts: 3
    edited August 25
    This has been going on since last month, stuck at levels 215 & 216. All i can do is get the daily booster and that it! cannot get lives, send lives, no help. It's like my game has quit on me and I am stuck between levels 215 & 216! I am using a desktop on king.com.
  • PeggyleePeggylee Posts: 5
    Thank you for commenting, all my Facebook friends are gone so I can't receive any lives, I play on my phone
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