Booster videos won't play on iphone



  • LoremorLoremor Posts: 9
    Same problem as Elaine_G
    I also have an iPhone 7 and everything’s  updated. Problem continues. 
  • BlacklrBlacklr Posts: 7
    My problem has been solved and video for boosters now working. Thank you whoever fixed. 
  • nolinnolin Posts: 2
    I have a samsung s9 and still do not get the videos. Just a black screen with an X in the top right corner. 

  • SmoldieSmoldie Posts: 8
    The issue is still ongoing.. Shame no response from King regards this!! 
  • LoremorLoremor Posts: 9
    Yes, a response would be appreciated, as we can’t benefit from the boosters as all do. Thanks!
  • sweetteachsweetteach Posts: 1
    I have also been having this problem the past two weeks. My guess is it is affecting more than 3 out of millions of users. 
  • pinkchamperspinkchampers Posts: 11
    I’ve seen people posting this since october, I’ve had the issue since then too and I’ve tried uninstalling the app and everything. Happy to see someone actually reply and say the game team are finally looking into it. 
  • LoremorLoremor Posts: 9
    BTW, this is happening to me in all King games, not just Candy Crush Saga. 
  • LoremorLoremor Posts: 9
    Elsa said:

    Hi Elaine, I haven't seen any other posts here on this yet.  Which mobile device are you using to play the game?  What model and is your operating system up-to-date?  Also please make sure that you have the latest version of Saga - it should be 1.138.0.  I will keep my eyes open here in the next few days to see if this is a new glitch starting.

    Sorry, Elsa, but with a little search, you can see that there are other posts with this issue. Please go to 
    "Still Getting Video Not Available Candy Crush Sega" which is a post that comes from another one. It seems that nobody from king is replying:(
  • KarentrainerKarentrainer Posts: 1
    I’m having the same issues. Just a black screen. I have deleted and reloaded the app. But still the same. I am using an iPhone 8
  • twinbiysplus2twinbiysplus2 Posts: 3
    Happening on my IPhone XS Max.  Can’t get boosters, extra lives, or extra moves spins. Anything that requires watching a video.  Only a black screen.  So frustrating.
  • patssoxrnpatssoxrn Posts: 2
    I’m having the same issue on an iPhone 6. Any resolution?
  • bluewavec1978bluewavec1978 Posts: 3
    Hi, greetings from Belgium. Having tge same issue with the video ads just abruptly coming to an end. No specific reason. I tried re-installing the app, but that just reset some of the counters...still no ads. I find it a shame because it was a welcome lifeline before and after some of the more testing candycrush levels... 
  • Flo94481Flo94481 Posts: 14
    Hello, i have the same Problem. iPad 2017. the ads are available one ok two days a week for some Hours. The Rest of the Time I only See a Black Screen.
  • rrudolphu2rrudolphu2 Posts: 8
    Thanks everyone for sharing, we have seen a few cases of this problem and our game team are looking into this. 

    Sorry I cannot share a workaround in the meantime. 

    Hi !
    Any update on that issue ? The "few cases" you have seen are occurring in iOS and Andrpid, right ? In my case it's happening when I play in my Android phone; haven't tried my Ipad Mini 3rd generation as it's too slow nowadays, but if you need I check it out, let me know (this may help to identify if the problem is related to some specific operating systems or  accounts).  Please let us know.

    Thanks !
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