I have 2 questions ... HTML5 problem & levels

G.s._HallG.s._Hall Posts: 4
1st) Any idea when the Space Dash - Morts helmet HTML5 problem might be solved on PC's? Its been going on since the beginning of Oct. Are there any plans on fixing the issue?
2nd) What is the highest level for iphone's? I've been waiting at level 3890 on my phone for about a month. I know there's higher level's on the PC because I'm at 3928 on my PC and I've seen levels as high as 4076 on youtube.


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 11,077 Superstar
    Hi @G.s._Hall, The Space Dash/Helmet challenge was taken off the computer because there is a glitch with the HTML5 coding.  I do not foresee that coming back to the computer version in the near future so it's only available on mobile devices. 

    I think last week the highest level on mobile devices was 4040.  If you are seeing levels higher than that online that's because the players are using Windows 10 which is up to 4100.  A new episode was released today so it should be above 4100.
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