30 moves for level 1021?

Pamela_SuePamela_Sue Posts: 1
Why do I only have 15 moves for level 1021? It’s impossible to beat. What happened to 30 moves?


  • Pummy_RajPummy_Raj Posts: 1,536 Superstar
    Hello @Pamela_Sue!  Welcome to the "New" King Community :)

    I have just tried the level # 1021 as it's been a while since I played it.  It is possible to win with help of some starting boosters.  I tried with no starting boosters & only 1 more Jelly was left out.  If you play on your Mobile device, you will get extra "Free" booster (it can be +3 moves too).  And also, there is free Spin Wheel available  (once in every 24 hours) for a chance of extra 5 moves.

    But, there is no surety that we will receive 5 extra moves with the Wheel Spin, it can be other boosters too.  Hence, when you are very closer to your goal, use the booster "Lollipop Hammer" or "Free Switch".

    All the best & keep having fun in the game :+1:

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