Game does not translate - level 3090

GaMaGaMa Posts: 3
Since I started to play CandyCrush Saga, I've always used the French (Canada) version, as per my Facebook.
3 days ago, my Facebook still in French but the game changed to the english version and there's no way to bring it back to french.
Actually, I'm at level 3090 and never had such an issue.
I also saw that a change occured in the mailbox, lost 15 games sent by friends, but that's not a problem by itself, can live with it.
Please let me know where the problem is, I'm not interested in playing in english.
Thanks !


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 12,144 Superstar
    Hi @GaMa, thank you for posting here in the community.  Are you playing the game on a mobile device?  If so, then you can just try going into your settings to see if you can reset the language.  I am going to tag @Cezdiamond who is the Community Manager for this game and she did say on Friday that the studio was aware of the language and they are trying to resolve it.  But maybe if you play on your phone and the settings had to be changed then we have the solution!  I'll wait to hear back from you.
  • GaMaGaMa Posts: 3
    Hi Elsa,
    Nope, I'm playing on my computer, no mobile device, and I'm using Windows 10.
    Thx !
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 12,144 Superstar
    Thanks for letting me know.  I am going to tag @Cezdiamond who is the Community Manager here because she told me on Friday that it might be a glitch and the studio was checking into this.  I thought on a mobile it would be a quick fix.  Since I tagged her in this message she will see it when she comes in tomorrow so she will see that more players are having the same exact problem.  She will probably respond back here once she knows that it's been fixed.
  • GaMaGaMa Posts: 3
    Thanks. Just to let you know that I didn't made any changes to the computer, no ugprade, nothing, for the past week. So, It doesn't come from there. What's weird is that Facebook stills in French but not the game ? Anyways, I'll wait from you. Thanks !
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