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beltrupibeltrupi Posts: 2
Game in Spanish for years and suddenly it is ONLY in English. Does anyone know how to play again in Spanish? Thank you

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  • beltrupibeltrupi Posts: 2
    desde ayer esta en español. El problema ahora es con otro King: Farm Héroes Sagas y Esc tu comentario
  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 5,448 Superstar
    edited January 16
    Hi again @beltrupi Please be patient, it's affecting a lot of King's games and the studio is trying hard to resolve it. It is not resolved for Farm Saga yet. 

    This section is exclusively for Crush Saga. If you want to post about Farm Saga, you can do it here

    I will ask you kindly one more time to post in English. Since we use only English here, it's against the rules to post in any other language and l the system might recognize your posts as spam and remove your account.

    Thank you for posting and enjoy playing your games 😊
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