Not getting your rewards? Daily spinning wheel not giving you the prizes?

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Have you not been getting your rewards?  Sugar Drop challenge disappearing?  Daily spinning wheel not giving you the rewards?  Are you playing the game through 

This seems to be happening with those who are playing the game on the old version which is Flash related.  Candy Crush Saga on is the old version.  The new version is HTML5, however, even if you are playing the game through Facebook your game might still be on the old version.  You can read more about the HTML5 version here:

Below are 2 print screens showing the old and new version of Candy Crush Saga. The print screen on the old version was taken from  The print screen on the new version was taken from Facebook with the Firefox browser.

Even if you are playing the game through Facebook on any of the browsers, you might still be playing on the old Flash version.  If you play through Chrome or Firefox, In order to get updated on the new version, please follow the steps on this link:

If you are playing the game in Facebook with Internet Explorer you will have to try another browser because this browser supports Flash.  If you are playing on a mobile device it shouldn't affect your game, nor should it affect the game on Windows 10 with a computer.


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    This is not good enough for an explanation! The sugar drop quest and daily spin wheel has been giving me boosters on ever since the change. Now suddenly for about a week now (I only just noticed today), it's stopped? @#$% ! And it's ONLY the lollipop hammers and hand switches not being given, as far as I can see. I still get the other useless boosters I win, just not those 2. I already sent King a message earlier, which sent a generic message directing me to this community. (seriously?) So if any King employee sees this, I repeat: you guys owe me all those lollipop hammers and hand switches I collected. >.<

    4/24 Edit: Actually, I wasn't paying attention. Indeed, NO boosters are being given from collecting sugar drops or from the daily spin wheel through now. This sucks. Collecting sugar drops through the Win10 app takes doubly longer since the number collected isn't multiplied. Through the site, all I had to do was play 3 levels to fill up the sugar bar (666, 906, and 1168). Now I have to play as much as 10 levels to fill the bar. wtf. I don't have time to waste like that even if I am a Candy Crush addict. 😠

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    Elsa is correct on this one - which is still operating with the old Flash version is having some trouble with boosters. This has been reported to the game studio but we do not have information yet regarding when this would be looked into.  

    Good news is that is also currently moving to a better and safer HTML5 platform, but unfortunately the change may take some time. More information about this new platform you can find from the post above. 

    The Windows 10 app will provide a totally new range of other features that will give you chances to win free boosters so we highly recommend checking the app out if you have the chance. It may not be exactly the same as the Flash version but many would argue it's better upgrade. 

    Further feedback I encourage you to leave in this thread.

    Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

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