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Strap yourselves in folks...the abuse is just beginning...

Aine Posts: 52 Level 3
when you hit 4600 your starting boosters are no longer applied so all that work was for nothing...and there is this new matter how jacked your bot is they will give you ten minute prizes with color bombs or striped wrapped...problem is? They will not appear in the level (not even your bot booster) and it will take you more than ten minutes (maybe a year!) to complete these levels without boosters....the message has been up or get out..too bad...I really enjoyed “swiping the stress away” ...they need to come up with a new motto as they have increased the stress....well done Bobby Kotick....


  • mercerik
    mercerik Posts: 3,617 Legend

    Hi Aine! Welcome to King Community!

    What device are you currently using to play Candy Crush Saga?

    Please let us know to figure out what is happening to you!

  • Aine
    Aine Posts: 52 Level 3
    I am playing on an iPad Air 3 and I was warned that no boosters would be allowed after level 4600 so I was (unhappily) bracing myself but when you buil a bot to the top ( which is now nearly impossible) and the bot is not available during the level and you lose the level you also lose the bot...just seems terribly unfair 

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