Why Yeti is so happy? Tell us and win Gold! (FINISHED)



  • BooperBooper Posts: 8
    He likes to see others win. He is such a happy camper and gets so excited. 

  • MobertMobert Posts: 2
    He loves giving out boosters 
  • pwtnoruhpwtnoruh Posts: 1
    Because it's finally PRIDE again! 
  • nomanoma Posts: 4
    He is happy because i keep on winning levels
  • yasingoorgyasingoorg Posts: 9
    نظرتان را تایپ کنیدبازی قشنگیست ابنبات من عاشق ابنباتم سلام به همه دوستان ابنباتی

  • luliendri22luliendri22 Posts: 2
    A Yeti lo hace feliz corretear en los prados verdes llenos de dulces, ya que su anciedad y impaciencia se fueron, de lo cual le encanta estar rodeado de amigos que le llenaba el corazón <3:3
  • LindaPageLindaPage Posts: 6
    He is happy cause he love it what his candy crush friends win levels for yummy candy

  • Loretta61066Loretta61066 Posts: 1
    The dentist said NO CAVITIES!!
  • cuzimmablondecuzimmablonde Posts: 1
    School is out for the summer and he can play all the candy crush he wants!
  • kat___kat___ Posts: 1
    Because its still sweet to me in level 1066 
  • samsonjukessamsonjukes Posts: 5
    Yeti is whooping with joy and happy because he is filled with sweet candy and revelling in a sun-drenched field of lush grass.😊😆😁
  • deepudeepu Posts: 1
    Because yete love gold bars .....

  • GwoAchieverGwoAchiever Posts: 1
    Yeti he's happy cos  he had enough candy to eat. 
  • luciousloveluciouslove Posts: 2
    Yeti is so happy because he is amongs his friends and yells , horray !!!
  • lais123lais123 Posts: 1
    Por que todos os doces estora
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