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Get rid of Timed Sugar Drops/Boosters



    MCISME Posts: 1 Newbie
    Like many others, I'll check back once a week to see if they revert to regular boosters. Til then, I'm done with this game.
  • shel712
    shel712 Posts: 3 Newbie
    After playing for years (level 4411) the timed “rewards” are about to take every bit of pleasure out of the game I’ve loved for so long. I work full time and usually my time to play is limited. A timed reward is NO reward for me. Please please bring our rewards back. 
  • Putts
    Putts Posts: 111 Level 3
    Just commenting again how worthless timed boosters  are to me. I can't collect them so I only come into spin the wheel and leave.
    I will play again just not now. 
  • lasahboy77
    lasahboy77 Posts: 15 Level 2
    sonryz said:
    please revert back to regular boosters !!  its useless for me to play if I can't save it
    I agree with this guy 
  • mariajardine
    mariajardine Posts: 63 Level 3
    I am still playing the sugar drops twice a day, just for the one or two gold bars given as rewards. Unfortunately, every time I play I get more and more frustrated with the time boosters. Please tell King to stop these massively frustrating time boosters as soon as possible, and return to the regular boosters.
  • Debbie_Garner
    Debbie_Garner Posts: 38 Level 2
    I play the sugar drops too but never get gold bars or hands.  I have only even got lollipops which I love but not very often.
  • David_Lewis
    David_Lewis Posts: 130 Level 3
    It's pointless us complaining, it's obvious the useless time  boosters are here to stay and ruin candy crush, because if you notice none of the moderators are commenting to say they've passed our concerns on. We need to get use to the fact this is how it's going to stay and it's time to find a new game. 
  • geetika
    geetika Posts: 2 Newbie
    Please remove timed gifts from sugar drops and try to give permanant ones as you used to, as the timed ones are bad.

  • Mangai
    Mangai Posts: 65 Level 3
    Plz plz remove the timed booster..we want sugar drops with lollipop and handswap booster. We are waiting for long days.
  • Linda_Hair
    Linda_Hair Posts: 2 Newbie
    it wouldn't be so bad if you could use the timed boosters on all the levels new levels, but you never get to use them before the time on them runs out.. we need the regular boosters back, some levels are near impossible to win without boosters!! 
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