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Get rid of Timed Sugar Drops/Boosters



  • KasieKasie Posts: 28 Level 2
    I am happy to report that I no longer have timed boosters!!!
  • Peggy-6Peggy-6 Posts: 7 New Bee
    I have decided that I will no longer spend money on the game until the timed boosters are gone. I feel that the game is no longer giving anything back. GET RID OF THEM.

  • kattluverkattluver Posts: 8 Level 2
    Why is it Kasie no longer has timed boosters but the rest of us do? Sounds like unfair game play to me!
  • cmtayloe_cmtayloe_ Posts: 22 New Bee
    I get 1 hammer that’s not timed. The rest are 😐
  • KasieKasie Posts: 28 Level 2
    @kattluver, I noticed that timed boosters seemed to be implemented incrementally, that is, not all players were affected at the same time. Perhaps the reverse process (reverting to regular boosters) is also incremental. Just a thought.
  • Carl_HunterCarl_Hunter Posts: 11 New Bee
    Are King ever going to listen. Get rid of the timed rewards. They are useless.
  • mrswoogzmrswoogz Posts: 2 New Bee
    I have had timed boosters since the spring and I suppose I should thank King for it because I hardly play now.  I used to have no problem spending money to buy boosters and lives because the game was so much fun.  Not now!  Once or twice a week is usually my limit and as a consequence I've found games that are free and just as much fun.  Hearts, Free Cell etc.  Goodbye Candy Crush!
  • BobTreesBobTrees Posts: 16 Level 2
    What on earth has happened to Candy Crush Saga. It used to be my favourite game but not any more. I played because I enjoyed collecting boosters and then could win a new game. With the timed boosters this is not possible as they expire before I can use them. I used to buy boosters to top up my collection but I cannot afford to buy all the boosters for every new game. It is no fun anymore and I won't be playing again until they restore the normal boosters.
  • underscorelive2059underscorelive2059 Posts: 493 Level 4
    I am on the same page pls bring back the regular gum drops 
  • Ah_KwangAh_Kwang Posts: 106 Level 3
    I still believe that the management of Kings is not aware how we are playing this game  Either that or they are getting very stingy with sugar drop booster. Even with time based booster King is giving a lot of "ticks* which is seldom used why bother to give useless booster.  If you want to be generous or a bit magnaminous give gold bar lah  
  • aznerolaznerol Posts: 1 New Bee
    Not fun anymore To play with the timed boosters. Impossible to collect any
  • gifted12gifted12 Posts: 19 Level 2
    Why are you not listening to your customers.Are trying to force everyone to pay for things you earn and replace them with the useless timed nonsense. This use to be a fun relaxing game now it is a waste of time. What would make you try so hard to make money off of a popular game.  You can do better. 
    What pleasure are we getting????.
    Kids enjoy this game but the only way to enjoy this game is to pay timed nonsense.
    I am 73 years old and on a fixed income I cannot afford to pay for something that.was free and earned. You apparently do not care about your customers KING. 
    I guess my only recourse is STOP PLAYING. I am disappointed and disgusted with your tactics to make money. It should not be about money. It does not matter what your customers think. 
    We should have options on how we play or not play. 
    I am sad to leave this game .
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