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Get rid of Timed Sugar Drops/Boosters



  • Beauty1
    Beauty1 Posts: 39 Level 2
    I noticed that only 152 people have voted as of June 17 to revert sugar drop and other boosters back from their current timed status.  The vote tabulation is under bearwithme on of CC Superstar. I’m not sure if all the complaints are tabulated.
    Either way, King please do the right thing.
    Everyone is displeased. Maybe ask us how we think you can improve the game. Conduct a focus group, do a survey, create a contest, just ask!!

  • Lisasoxscott
    Lisasoxscott Posts: 1 Newbie
    Get rid of the timed boosters and bring back the original sugar drops.
  • Monyskl
    Monyskl Posts: 1 Newbie
    I often get timed boosters that I don’t need, how am I suppose to use those. 
  • thiam59foo
    thiam59foo Posts: 1 Newbie
    Get rid of timed sugar drops and restore the original sugar drops, please.

  • HomeOfLove
    HomeOfLove Posts: 59 Level 3
    And it amazes me they are putting a timer on everything, except the thing it would be most useful on, and that is lives! Another game I play, (that I started a few months ago when Candy Crush made it so booster bot couldn't be used on past levels), this game has a daily claim that gives 20 or 30 minute of free lives, it doesn't start until it's claimed so people can use it when they are ready to play, and then after it's up, they still have the regular 5 lives left to play. It would be nice if King would do something like that .
  • MissPoess
    MissPoess Posts: 10 Level 2
    Well hello King-of-the-timed-monsters. As I promised I'll keep complaining daily about the ridicilous invention of timed boosters till the day I quit CC.
    Apparantly you're still not tyred of irritating your players, since you enlighted my life this morning with ONE WHOLE non-timed booster. Wauw...I guess 'thank you so very, very much' should be the appropriate response.
    How much longer are we supposed to bare this stupidity?

  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 5,922 Level 5
    Today I am deep into timed boosters for everything. It is frustrating but I believe King will eventually listen to the players. We make the game popular. Without players there is no game. Until such time that my boosters return to normal I will collect my sugar drops on the old computer flash version where you can still collect regular boosters. You can collect them much faster too. King, I think is trying to keep the game interesting and always trying new things.
  • Teresa-4
    Teresa-4 Posts: 31 Level 2
    The studio appears to doing some testing with timed boosters.  First a large group of people lost the ability to get regular boosters from collecting sugar drops and got timed boosters instead. Now it appears that some people are getting timed boosters for the daily calendar and some said they even get some with the daily spin.  This poll is specifically aimed at voting to get rid of the timed sugar drops so the game studio can clearly see the votes and opinions of the players.

    FYI - the other poll "Keep Sugar Drops" -  was created when the game studio took away entirely the ability to collect sugar drops and get boosters from a group of people (who now can collect sugar drops again but in some cases they are now timed).  

    Please vote and comment and let your opinion be heard.

  • Teresa-4
    Teresa-4 Posts: 31 Level 2
    I voted to collect again sugar drops not timed.
  • Ginger_Paul
    Ginger_Paul Posts: 21 Level 2
    I just wanted to check in to see if King has responded to anyone. Doesn’t look like it. Unfortunate that the timed boosters are still a thing. I’m continuing to play with the small hope that King will change it back to the way it was. 
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