Your support page has nothing

Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 73
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It happened to me in China. After loading this website on King support, there were games that were loaded. Then there was nothing. Why? The page is still loading and when it finished, there was nothing still. It is caused the site was unreachable in China.


  • Jelly JennyJelly Jenny Posts: 1,382 Community Moderator
    Hi @Evan_Lei :waving:

    Remember that you might need to enable Flash when you're  playing the game on Once a pop up asking for you to allow Flash comes up, allow and then the game should load.

    If it doesn't, could you send me a screenshot of the game not loading, please? Then I can take a closer look. Thanks :) 

    For instructions how to take a screen shot, please visit:

  • Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 73
    edited June 19
    It happened on mobile website, in an iPhone.
  • Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 73
    I went to when it happened (in order):

  • Jelly JennyJelly Jenny Posts: 1,382 Community Moderator
    Oops sorry @Evan_Lei I thought you were talking about 

    Could you let me know a bit more about the issue - which browser you're using, do other sites open normally and can you click on any of the game on the page above and have you noticed the issue on another device? 

    Be sure to tag me in your reply so I can see it.  

  • Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 73
    I was using Google Chrome, it doesn't open normally, and there is nothing I've clicked when there is another issue in all of China.
  • Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 73
    Also, it happened in Safari, too, in mobile devices.
  • Jelly JennyJelly Jenny Posts: 1,382 Community Moderator
    We haven't received any other reports about the site not working in China.. When you say "when there is another issue in all of China." Does that mean there is an issue with sites overall in all of China? 

    Are you having issues only with the landing page, as you are writing and posting in this forum still?

    Again, please remember to tag me so I can see your replies. Thanks :) 

  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 6,264 Superstar
    Hi @Evan_Lei Just to add up to what @Jelly Jenny said, isn't Google banned in China? I have lived there for a year and I had to use VPN in order to use Google apps. 
    You can find out more about our Superstars here

    The only way outside is inside. Namaste 🙏🏻
  • Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 73
    Google is banned in China and the main page has nothing.
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