Why does my gold keep disappearing?? :(

LucyELucyE Posts: 5
I have been playing for a few months now but lately it's no more fun because every time I reach 11gold bars, the next time I open the game to play (on a laptop, not connected to FB), my gold is down to 1. I'm currently level 735 and this just started happening after level 700. At the beginning, once I got the hang of the game, I had up to 20 gold; obviously I used them. But now, the past 4-6 weeks, it won't collect past 11 bars. I know I'm not spending money but I'm spending a lot of time to make achievements only to have a game glitch take it away......that's not fun anymore. I noticed there have been quite a number of posts regarding this issue recently. Please help! Thank You! 


  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 8,605 Superstar
    Hi @LucyE
    We would like to welcome you to the king community. Thank you so much for being willing to joiningπŸ€—

    Tell me a little detail, did you buy anything with gold bars?
    Your Goldbar is always protected, if you have not purchased anything with it.πŸ˜‰
    So if you think this is a problem, let me know your game ID. We can give you accurate information. Here's how to know your Game ID
  • Khoddiey_ClarkKhoddiey_Clark Posts: 185 ✭✭✭
    It's because gold you're using different devices to play the game. Boosters and I think gold, are saved locally to your device. I may be wrong. 
  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 8,605 Superstar
    It's because gold you're using different devices to play the game. Boosters and I think gold, are saved locally to your device. I may be wrong. 
    You can sync the Gold Bars to any device.😊
  • LucyELucyE Posts: 5
    Khoddiey_Clark, Thank you for responding but I only play on my laptop
  • LucyELucyE Posts: 5
    Sukanta_Biswas, thank you for the welcome! I would have been here a long time ago but I couldn't sign in / join the group. I started playing the game, created my account with name, password and icon. I saw the community and read thru a lot of info and want to participate. I clicked SIGN IN; it said no such account, you must sign up; so I entered the same info from when I created my account; it said, info already in use...which is obvious, cause it's my info. I went thru this off n on for a while, got frustrated and stopped trying. But I really wante to join into the chats, so I joined this group by using a different name and password, which is a little annoying cause that's just another new name and pw I have to remember...lol. 

    Anyhow, I'm trying to get my id. I followed the directions on the link. I clicked the wheel, then the king logo; when the box opened, the id didn't show up until I doubled clicked the king logo. But now the problem is....I can't read it. My user icon is a turtle with glasses....I need to borrow his glasses  to read it! LOL. Seriously, it's so small...I think it's about 7 or 8 digits but I can only make out about 4, maybe 5. I'll keep checking, maybe it'll clear up eventually. 

    There's not much else regarding my gold. Like I was saying to Khoddiey_Clark, I only play on my laptop, no across device thing going on. I had earned 20 gold at one point when I first started playing. I used it to get more spins to avoid having to start over. That's all I used it for. Then levels got a bit more difficult, I wasn't earning gold cause I didn't place. Then somewhere after level 700, I got good again...lol and started placing. I earned a total of 11 bars.  Closed up for the night. Next night, started game and noticed I only had 1 bar. I was annoyed but said, it's just a game, I didn't spend any money, so whatever.  I continued to play, eventually got to 10 bars, came in 3rd again, got another bar, making it 11. I was tired closed laptop lid. Came back later to play, only one gold bar. I sent email to support but all I got was an auto response telling me to go to the community. I tried to join again...same issue. Got frustrated and decided this wasn't fun anymore. Didn't play for a few days, missed this silly game and came back. Earned 11 gold bars again, placed first twice..yay me! :) then third. Stopped playing went to another game. Came back cpl hours later, 1 gold bar again. That's when I made up different info to join the community and see if anyone had any suggestions. I know I can't get the lost gold back but I thought maybe tech support  could check for a glitch or something. 

  • 1809198718091987 Posts: 1
    I am new to everyone right now, and if we can earn money in this, how can I earn it, because I am in great need of money.
  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 8,605 Superstar
    I understand your problem, but in some cases, something goes wrong where we accidentally purchase something.This happens to have no confirmation button at the time of purchase.LOL.
    However this can also be a technical issue so you can let me know your game ID.If there is such a problem, of course you will get the Gold Bars back.😊
  • LucyELucyE Posts: 5
    Sukanta_Biswas, Hey, a couple things...first, I can not figure out these digits O.o  it looks something like 6738877576, the only numbers that are clear are the first, seventh, ninth, and last. Never mind, this game isn't worth this much effort..smh..lol. Next, do you know why I have to sign into the community after every single action? If I leave this page to read another discussion, I have to sign in. I read your comment then clicked on the link to get my id, I had to sign in. I go to the tips page from here,,,sign in. Finally, am I reply to this conversation thread properly? I just read everyone's comments, then add my reply in the box at the bottom of the page. To add the person's name, I copy n paste. Is there a better way? Thanks!
  • Jelly JennyJelly Jenny Posts: 1,904 Community Moderator
    Hi @LucyE :waving:

    Sounds like you're having trouble with the Community platform? :(

    You're using a computer for browsing in Community?  For how long you've been having this issue? If this keeps up I would recommend to clear your browser cache to see if that helps. 

    Here how you can clear the cache

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    New Superstar competition in Blossom Blast Saga here! 
  • LucyELucyE Posts: 5
    Hey, Jelly Jenny, I've had this issue since about July. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely try clearing cache. I'll post if it works =)
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