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Confirming Before Spending Gold Bars



  • Blinda
    Blinda Posts: 4 Newbie

    We need a confirm button for gold bar use. (or any booster use, actually!) How hard can it be to develop one, really???

    Since you conveniently and intentionally put the gold bar play ahead button so close to the quit button, I can't tell you how many times I accidentally hit it! I see other players have mentioned this as well. It's a sneaky tricky on your part, King! Players are tired of this!

    Also, another problem is accidentally going into the wrong level and not being able to back out without losing a life. If we already passed the level, we should be able to back out without penalty.

    Fix these issues, please!!!

    Just happened again to day. My arm jerked and the play on was hit by accident. It takes so long to accumulate gold bars and there went 10 in an accidental instant.

  • B-2
    B-2 Posts: 56 Level 3

    Absolutely need a confirm button! And the ability to back out of a level already played without losing a life. Button placenent is one of the intentional and sneaky game tactics by developers who want us to fail, so we might buy what we need, in our frustrations.

    Not getting enough votes on a popular idea?It's a problem with this site where ideas get lost in the shuffle with all the tagging, quoting, symbols, and repetitive postings. We just need a straight up vote and then place for comments, if people have things to add. Also, the site makers have to come up with a better way to cross reference ideas that are the same, bundle them together, so we can find them quickly and easily and not have to muddle thru the extra, unwanted garbage.

  • B-2
    B-2 Posts: 56 Level 3

    Too close. Easy to make mistakes! A confirm button would help!

  • MonroeH
    MonroeH Posts: 152 Level 3
    edited January 2021

    Yes, this is a HUGE problem, and King should fix it ASAP!! This has now happened to me 3 times, and I don't know why! After losing lives it's AUTOMATICALLY contacting the server to buy unlimited lives for 69 Gold bars! I am absolutely NOT clicking the button to buy them! I only play late at night for an hour or so before I go to bed, so 6 hours of lives is completely useless to me. Furthermore, I've contacted King Support about this days ago, and they still have not gotten back to me. I asked for this feature to be BLOCKED on my account. I would NEVER, EVER, EVER spend 69 Gold bars on extra lives. I save them to use for extra moves to finish levels, and that's the ONLY thing I will ever use them for. This is really horrible and I don't know how to stop it!

  • Kazza-3
    Kazza-3 Posts: 216 Level 3

    Voted yes.

    They were able to add in a confirm button before using a ufo, so why can't this be done for spending gold bars?

    But then again, it's to their advantage to not have a confirm button there, if we spend them all by mistake then they hope we buy more.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 7 Level 2

    Since Covid, King, in my opinion has taken advantage by eliminating some of the player benefits, they had the booster option, still do, but only if you win new levels, before it was any level. Other player benefits gone. It’s all about revenue. Have not paid any money yet and never will

  • saskya
    saskya Posts: 9 Level 2

    Voted! Gold bars are very hard to come by so I really hate when I wasted these for nothing. Booh King for tricking us like this.

  • bmkersey08
    bmkersey08 Posts: 5,739 Pro Player 👑

    I’s very frustrating when you accidentally spend your hard earned gold bars. A confirmation button would be most helpful.

  • Evan_Lei
    Evan_Lei Posts: 295 Level 3

    I was shocked when I press the 69 gold bars button and accidentally pressed it. It doesn't have a double click confirmation.

    After I press the quit button of the level, I got into the level failed page. But when I clicked the retry button, it went to the out of lives section. The unlimited lives or 69 gold bars was in the exact position of the "retry" button, causing confusion.

    With no lives left, I pressed the retry button, and the unlimited lives is placed in the center of three sections. It was placed exactly in the retry button and accidentally pressed it! With a single press of a button, it goes into the purchases, and half a second after pressing the 69 gold bars button, the X button grayed out. I can't cancel it!!

    Purchase successful! I'm sad about this feature! I am mad about this because of the position of the section in the lives section. I will put an idea very soon after this discussion post. After I bought this booster, I went into time and clock and set 6 hours later, and it immediately goes to 5 lives.

    This is what I contacted customer care yesterday:

    Thanks for writing in! Let's get you back to enjoying your game. We've automatically matched a guide that we think will help you. If the answer below doesn’t fix your issue then please reply to this email and we'll be delighted to investigate further.

    I accidentally made a purchase!

    Please note that all in-game purchases require user confirmation and there are no hidden features in any of our games. Before a purchase is completed, you must request it in the game, and then make a second confirmation within the Apple iTunes Store. The purchase cannot be finalised without all these steps being completed.

    For your Apple iTunes account's security, we do not have any access to your purchases so are unable to perform any refunds on their behalf.

    For this reason, if you'd like Apple/iTunes to consider a refund request, please contact them directly here:

    Kind Regards

    King Player Relations

    I used an iPhone at the time I accidentally purchased it.

    I clicked the 69 gold bars button for unlimited lives three times before, but only one of it refunded the purchase.

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