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Confirming Before Spending Gold Bars



  • MonroeH
    MonroeH Posts: 152 Level 3

    Hi @Evan_Lei

    I think you just explained what happened to me too! I NEVER intentionally clicked the Unlimited Lives button, but twice it went and spent 69 of my precious gold bars for lives I didn't want and couldn't use, cause by then it was way past my bedtime!

    I couldn't figure out how this was happening, cause it was so quick, but now I'm sure it was due the button repositioning that you just described. Thank you for solving that mystery!

    This is a horrible feature that continues to cause grief to alot of players. I wish King would just put in that Confirmation button. The email they sent you saying that all purchases require confirmation is simply not true when it comes to spending gold bars, Apparently they are referring to money purchases only, but using gold bars is certainly a purchase too! So why not have a confirmation here too!

  • Heather_Mundy
    Heather_Mundy Posts: 4 Newbie


    Just came to the community to look for this....


    You ask us if we are "sure" we want to exit a level, why is this still not an option????

  • Tzvi_Marcu
    Tzvi_Marcu Posts: 2,544 Level 5
  • HushHush
    HushHush Posts: 8 Level 2

    Yes please. I can’t count how many times I accidentally used my bars

  • thingsbyme
    thingsbyme Posts: 5 Level 2

    I can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet. We get asked if we actually want to leave a level, or before using a UFO (thanks), but not if we actually want to use the gold bars. If we did, great! If we didn't, then they are wasted. Fix it please!

  • LiaAndri
    LiaAndri Posts: 8 Level 2

    I couldn't agree more!!!! I have lost too many gold bars this way!!!

  • deplayer
    deplayer Posts: 67 Level 2

    You should also be able to see how many gold bars you have while in a level.

  • MonroeH
    MonroeH Posts: 152 Level 3

    Is this discussion dead? The last posting was back in April, but the problem still exists! I just lost another 69 gold bars last week for unlimited lives that I did not want. This is a problem that's now happened to me 3 times. I don't know what's going on - I am not clicking the button to buy those unlimited lives, my game sporadically automatically contacts the server to buy them, and there's no "Confirmation" button to stop it. You all know how awful it is to lose so many hard earned gold bars for something you don't want and can't use. In my case it happened late at night right when I was about log out, so 6 hours of lives was nothing I could possibly use. When I contacted King about it they refused to refund my gold bars, saying that I was compensated for this already. Yes, they gave them back the last 2 times, but it's THE SAME SITUATION that hasn't been fixed so it happened again. And I have no doubt it will continue to happen until they fix it. WHY HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON SO LONG WITH NO SOLUTION YET?? They have Confirmations for everything else so why not for spending gold bars? There are millions of legitimate purchases, they surely don't need to upset people by allowing un-intended purchases to happen!

  • Fences
    Fences Posts: 1,122 Level 4

    I lost 69 gold bars when playing. So sad...

  • maryjane117
    maryjane117 Posts: 537 Level 3

    I'm still surprised (but not really I guess) that this hasn't even been addressed yet.

    However, I'm sure King LOVES it when you press the button by accident because they think/hope you will just buy more. I understand that not all ideas will make it but I actually haven't seen ANY of them make it and that's frustrating. What's the point in having the section and asking our opinion?? It's a joke!

    But I still love this idea and want to keep it alive.

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