Hi 5600 level done

dp65dp65 Posts: 10
Hi 5600 level done a gate n a text new level coming soon appearing.when it will come i cant wait more,,, if u cant give me new level than i will jump on another game... plz. it is my  wish to complete ur all levells.. 

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  • dp65dp65 Posts: 10
    thanks  dear white bear and elsa... but i need  more . levels  45/60 levels are too low. for me.. give me all levels at once. tell me the total number of levels.. so i plan to finish this game......plz
  • dp65dp65 Posts: 10
    I have done 5645. And what can I do till Wednesday... Plz open all  your levels for me plz
  • dp65dp65 Posts: 10
    dear white bear  and elsa.... who is the manager... of candy crash.... i got 45  on computer too... which i have completed...y u r not sending next level... send me plz... to complete this game . and than i want to do something else ..Elsa.... and white bear... if u can do something in this case than plz do something..or tell me what i can do ... i m new here in community... . dont make me frustrated player  give me relaxation... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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