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Is Level 5495 possible to pass?

0753avs0753avs Posts: 3
edited October 24 in General Discussion

There are 36 liquorice swirls on the board and at most 25 more can spawn in 25 moves. That makes a total of 61, but you need to collect 64 to pass - a requirement that could never be fulfilled.

All the players with videos showing how to complete this level exploit a bug that double-counts the swirls collected, so they only need to get 32 swirls in order to finish this level. For players who don't have this bug in their game (like me), this level is just impossible to pass.

Even if King adds 3 more swirls on the board, this level is still extremely difficult. You need to make the cannons work in every single move, which seems impossible in practice IMO.



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