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  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    Been playing 9244 on 3 platforms (iPhone iPad laptop). Had 30 minutes free lives plus my usual 5 lives every 2.5hrs. All in all I’ve had about 50 attempts and NOT ONCE have I even managed to clear half of the required candies or toffees.

    What you told me about NO LEVEL takes more than 15/20 attempts is an out and out LIE

    Your game is totally corrupt. Why can’t you just leave levels alone after release and let us all enjoy the game we used to like playing


  • Ah_KwangAh_Kwang Posts: 214 Level 3


    I am stuck at 9250 for 1 day already. Too few moves available. Giving up if nothing happens.

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    I’m still on 9244. I’ve gave up after over 50 attempts. My game isn’t the same as in the video. There are some candies that are locked and you have to hit them 6 times before they clear. What chance have you got with 28 moves. This level was released a number of weeks ago along with all the other levels and they still rebuff them any chance they get. The incompetence of these designers is unbelievable. They will rebuff them again after all the complaints, but one thing they won’t do is give you back your wasted boosters, even if you’ve spent money on them. I’ve said before the game is all about KINGs greed and is totally corrupt. There’s no need for all this rebuffing, but its all about money.

  • bharat_123bharat_123 Posts: 33 Level 2

    Just Completed 1900 level

    Candy Crush Saga !

  • Mari-23Mari-23 Posts: 11 Level 2

    This is where I'm at, totally agree I feel like I'll be here a while. I love s good challenge but this is more than that.

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    Still on 9244. Been playing all morning and still nowhere. Must be nearing 100 attempts. Used all my boosters so got none left. I’ve got something spinning between the end of this episode and the beginning of the next episode. Tried deleting the app but its still there when I brought the app back up again. That’s why I used all boosters because I would lose them anyway. There’s definitely something wrong with this game and this level.

    Theres 8 candies that need to be hit 8 times before clearing and always with about 8 moves left you’ve still got to get about 70 toffees.

    the silence is deafening from this excuse of a company. They’re quick enough to take your money off you but when something is wrong they’re nowhere to be seen

    Nothing being said from the usual KING employees. Shocking

  • Ah_KwangAh_Kwang Posts: 214 Level 3


    I have managed to reach 9250 but still stuck. Watched the video. Level was 45 moves. Now down to 23. Even the video was completed after 32 moves. King reduce it further to 23 to make it almost impossible to complete without plenty of booster. King really kill the joy of candy crushing. No reason to half the number of moves in a simple level except to force us to buy the booster. Disgusting. I am taking a break.

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    It’s disgusting the way loyal players are being treated. There’s definitely something wrong with my game but nobody has even attempted to get in touch to help with fixing it. I’m thinking of deleting the game for good. I’ve got the same problem on 3 platforms ( iPhone iPad and laptop) but nobody is bothered. They want praise for good levels they put out but when there’s a problem they just hide. I’m not deleting the app on my iPad just now because I’ve got a few boosters left. I’ve already lost the ones on my iPhone and the few I’ve got on my laptop I paid for.


  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    That’s me finished with CCS. I’ve used all my boosters on my 3 platforms (iPhone iPad and laptop) and I’ve deleted the app. At least KING will be pleased that there will be no more complaints from me. I’m completely disgusted by the way the designers have slashed the number of moves on EVERY LEVEL by 15/20 moves. This does not make the game more enjoyable or challenging, it makes you require plenty boosters on each level and as every levels is very difficult should be classed as a skull level. At this stage most players don’t have many boosters so they have to spend money on them. I’ve said for a few months now that this game has turned into a PAY AS YOU PLAY game, and I think I’ve been proved correct. The silence from KING and the people who seem to back them up has been deafening in the last month or so.

    Good luck to those that stay with it, but personally I think you’re very silly for doing so. This company will never change as they NEVER listen to their loyal players. They are only interested in profit, that’s why levels have been made near impossible and most of the ways of gaining boosters has been removed.


  • Weatherson78Weatherson78 Posts: 50 Level 2

    Don’t blame you one bit for leaving. I’m also on 9244 and it’s just stupid. Not even remotely close to getting enough toffees done.

    Somewhere someone should think twice when a representative of King says you just have to keep playing and hope for that one lucky round. I thought this game was about skill too, but I guess not anymore.

  • Ah_KwangAh_Kwang Posts: 214 Level 3


    CCS now operates like a jackpot machine.. You keep spinning and feeding the machine until you hit a lucky break. Disgusting is the word

  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 13,538 Community Manager
    edited May 2021

    New levels out now!

    💻️ 9395 levels available on Windows 10

    📱🌐 9305 levels on other platforms

    Today's update 5 May 2021 features...

    Facebook, iOS, Android and other mobile devices:

    Episodes 619 - 621 with levels 9261-9305.

    Windows 10 app:

    Episodes 625 - 627 with levels 9351-9395.

    Leave feedback about the levels 9351-9395 directly to the level designers and Game Team HERE.

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  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    new levels released and hear we go again.

    9262 my game different from the video, and moves cut from 40 to 30. Video with 40 moves goes down to very last move. What chance do players have and how long before it’s rebuffed again.

    Absolutely clueless. Haven’t listened to players one bit over the last few weeks

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 556 Kingster

    Hi Gary. We need hard levels too, and these levels are monitored. With the current system levels will always have less moves on mobile release since all levels go down below 35 moves after the first week on Windows. You have to look at more things than just moves, everything is not about them. Some players love easy levels and some players really want challenging levels. We always work on pleasing as many players as possible. Removing moves from levels is not new, and it has been happening since the beginning of the game.

    This level actually had 27 moves last week, but was given back 3 moves before the mobile release. All hard levels are eventually going to end up at around the same difficulty, but since we have a lot more players on mobile than on Windows it sometimes takes a bit of time to find a difficulty that is fair for everyone. That's why we make tweaks to levels. If we only tweaked for Windows this level would still have 27 moves 😊

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    I don’t mind challenging levels but recently it has become a joke. As you say it’s not just about moves, but over the last month or so it more about BOOSTERS. As these levels are becoming harder you need more and more boosters which nobody has after playing over 9000 levels. One booster a day isn’t near enough help with the hardness of levels as every way of gaining boosters has been removed Its seems to be how many boosters players can afford to keep on playing No loyalty being shown to players who have stuck with the game from the beginning and that’s why there’s so many complaints and so many players are quitting

    9261 took 11 attempts ( maybe not a lot to you) for a supposedly easier level. If that’s how long an easy level takes (5 levels every 2 and a half hours) there’s no way you can complete 45 levels a week. Players are getting bored with levels that take too many attempts to pass. A lot of levels you just wait for a lucky board to come along and it ends up playing itself. Where’s the fun in that.

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