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💻📱📅 How many levels are in Candy Crush Saga? Information per platform (2020 & 2021)



  • Glenn1972Glenn1972 Posts: 16,154 Pro Player 👑
  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    And my above post is spot on

    number of moves has been decimated

    same complaint EVERY week

    not enough moves, too many blockers, no videos showing levels can be done in moves given and number of boosters required for levels that are not even categorised as hard is ridiculous

    do KING ever listen. Do they hell

    only interested in money and just give you the same excuses every week

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    This is ridiculous. Same complaints EVERY WEEK

    number of moves decimated

    number of blockers shocking for the number of moves given

    no videos showing these levels being completed after reduction of moves which proves levels aren’t being tested to see if they can be done

    number of boosters required to pass levels that aren’t even categorised as hard is shocking

    Im on 9558 and its different from the videos from less than 2 weeks ago, WHY

    What is the problem with the designers every week

    Also fed up with the same excuses every week as well

    The incompetence shown each week just gets worse Get your act together

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 556 Kingster

    Levels will always look different from 2 weeks ago when they're released on mobile because we always reduce moves to 35 or less before levels go live on mobile and Facebook. If you wish to see videos of levels you might need encourage some of your fellow players to make them, since all videos are made by players, not by us. During the first week of the mobile release we both add and remove moves to make sure that we have both easy and hard levels, and make sure that the hard levels are at a good difficulty.

    But levels will keep being different on Windows release and mobile release for the foreseeable future. The levels on Windows are sometimes easier and sometimes harder than the mobile release. However, the difficulty of the average mobile release is much lower now than it used to be in the 4000s for example. Sometimes a few levels spike in difficulty, but it's hard for us to predict exactly how a level will be revived when exposed to thousands of players, since we don't have that many people to test levels after tweaking it.

    If you wish to play during the Windows release there is nothing stopping you though! Everyone is welcome to download the Windows app and play there, or if you want to make sure the level is completely stable you can play a week after release 😊

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    Very very rarely are moves added to levels after you reduce them.

    with your comments it seems you don’t really do much and just leave it to the players

    also I can’t understand why ALL players don’t get playing levels in the same way. Why is it different on windows than it is on mobile. Should be the same all round.

    For levels to be changed differently in 2 weeks is just a joke. Certain players seem to be getting put at a disadvantage every week

    it’s the only game I know that some players have to play differently than others

    imagine telling a football team when they turn up to play that the game has changed and you have to start 2-0 down. Absolute joke

    this game has had all the fun ripped out of it

    you wouldn’t have to predict anything about any level if you would just leave alone

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    9574 only 31 moves when all videos show 44 moves. With the amount of blockers and limited moves this is impossible.

    All you’re doing is slashing the number of moves and hoping nobody complains. There is NO attempt to make this game fair for players. You just want them to spend money. Game is corrupt.

    Anything LindQ says I don’t believe

    They are doing nothing. They release levels, then get players to do all the work for them, such as posting videos, and they just sit back and pocket the money that players spend to pass levels when they get frustrated playing them.

    Ive played 9574 over 50 times and haven’t even dropped ONE CHERRY yet

    they tell you NO level takes more than 15/20 attempts. COMPLETE LIES


  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    MY GOD. I’ve just noticed that 9574 has now been cut to 29 moves. This is just getting ridiculous. So much for LindQ saying about INCREASED moves

    This can’t be done unless you use about 15 flying saucers. Absolutely corrupt to make you fill their pockets. SORT IT

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    Its an absolute disgrace. Number of moves get decimated with no chance of passing.

    LindQ gives you every excuse under the sun. Total BS

    game is corrupt and its only to make money.

    number of blockers in relation to moves is ridiculous. They can’t even show you any proof of levels being done in the moves they give you.

    I’m on 9580 and its unbelievable. Can’t get anywhere near passing but if they change it they’ll remove even more moves.

    Idiotic designers

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    The levels I got this week are 9546-9590. Not finished yet, but EVERY SINGLE LEVEL has had at least 15 MOVES removed. The number of boosters required is unbelievable. With the number of moves reduced and the amount of blockers on each level it’s impossible to pass without plenty boosters. If you’ve not got at least 50 of each booster you are as well quitting the game unless you have very deep pockets. My boosters are gone so I’ll have to either wait a few weeks to build boosters up or quit. If levels carry on like this I know what I’ll be doing. This is probably the worst 3 episodes I’ve come across in all my years playing and I don’t see it improving as the designers haven’t got a clue. KING couldn’t care less about loyal players, its all about the money.

    Levels are just being thrown out there without being tested and they’re just guessing how many moves will be required. They’re giving each level on average about 24 moves. No where near enough for most levels nowadays. They know this but couldn’t care less.


  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3


    I would like you to try these levels with the moves provided and let us know how you get on and if you think they are fair.

    5983 is a complete abortion. Over 30 attempts and haven’t opened the bottom once

    These designers need fired. How do they come up with the number of moves if they can’t prove levels can be completed with the moves they give players

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    5983. Over 50 attempts and still not opened the bottom once. Wasted boosters as well, but I’m sure KING don’t bother about that. This level cannot be done with this amount of moves. Also the layout is different from every video. Please explain WHY. Its no exaggeration to say this would require at least 60 moves to complete


  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    5983. Still on this level 2 days and over 80 attempts.

    Thanks goes to KING and LindQ for NOT listening and doing absolutely nothing to sort this level

    Just shows they don’t give a damn

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    3rd day and now over 100 attempts. Still no response from anyone about sorting this level

    looks like LindQ and King are either on holiday or they’re to embarrassed to respond after all the excuses they have been giving us over the last couple of months

    it’s an absolute disgrace. Time and boosters have been wasted due to their incompetence

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    @ LindQ 5983 Now up to 165 attempts over 3 days Playing on 3 platforms (iPhone iPad and laptop) using windows 10 Can’t even get close Lucky if you open the bottom and if you do you’ve probably no moves left

    Far too much licorice, takes too many moves to destroy magic mixers, then you’ve got to open the skull, make stripes and hit it 5 times before the bottom opens up. After that you’ve got to get all the frosting and 3 licorice shells all in 26 moves. Number of moves has been reduced drastically. Do you just guess how many moves it’ll take and hope for the best. If the number of moves was doubled you’d still be lucky to pass this level. Been complaining about this level for days but the silence is deafening from you and King

    Absolutely sick of all your excuses and fed up with both this level and the game as a whole

    You’ve not got a clue how to treat your loyal players

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