No longer able to exit an unstarted board without losing lives - Information and feedback



  • pistoffpistoff Posts: 12 Level 2
    I agree and i wish more ppl would boycott when they do things like rhis....and yes i was stuck on a level for aveeek i.had lost boosters bought boosters nothing was working if i didnt have the option to reset the board i would have gave up lkng ago...well they can say goodbye to my money as i will NOT be buying anymore boosters
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  • MyBurbaMyBurba Posts: 46 Level 2
    Unlimited lives for as long as the boosters last? Seems logical to encourage this as a way to boost booster buying and leave the gold or lives to the folks who don't have any money and can only afford small runs of attempted level passing. It's a blast 
  • MyBurbaMyBurba Posts: 46 Level 2
    Level 1million sounds easier than level 129. I don't think I'm on the same level as u guys haha can I have some boosters for my input pleeeeeease 
  • laurig1laurig1 Posts: 2 Newbie
    I hate this so called "fix".  So, I, too, shall not be playing until it is "unfixed".  Too bad too, I was finally getting the hang of it and see no reason for this unless someone needs some more pocket change.  So long-------
  • dakotahbabydakotahbaby Posts: 4 Newbie
    I’m on level 5889 and have been playing for years. This is pure greed! Im done with all king games. I’ll give my $ to a game that isn’t this greedy and petty.
  • MyBurbaMyBurba Posts: 46 Level 2
    2 hour unlimited lives would come with every booster pack and u could enter and exit as many times as u want. So I spend 4.99 for the small pack I want the same amount. I have no idea what I'm talking about I'm total out of line
  • MyBurbaMyBurba Posts: 46 Level 2
    !!!!!!!!!1 QUESTION !!!!!!
    Would the game have turned out differently for you players if u could have never backed out of a level ever since the beginning? Would anything at all be different about the way your game evolved over time? It seems as if it would be harder to gain levels at the rate 
  • brenda1966brenda1966 Posts: 14 Level 2
    This is priceless really, framing this change as a “needed fix”. Why is it needed? How is it harming king in anyway?  Some of the upper levels in this game are so difficult there’s no way that you can complete them. So is their goal that people will be stuck on levels for weeks on end? Apparently it is because they think that you will spend money. So my suggestion is stop spending your money on this. As a consumer if you’re not getting what you want or need don’t spend your money.  

    I’ve been stuck on level 3549 for days, even with the ability to shuffle the board. Now that I can’t make shuffle it I’ll continue to play my five games per day and see if I can get past this level but eventually I will tire of it and stop playing altogether. Is king keeping track of how many people just stop playing because of these ridiculous changes?
  • mercerikmercerik Posts: 3,587 Legend
    MyBurba said:
    I'm new so it doesn't make sense why anyone would need to enter and then exit a level without beginning it. U original players must have switched so many gems that u lost ur mind. 
    Hi there, @MyBurba! Welcome to the Community!

    You are new which is the reason why. Give it some time and you'll figure it out, especially when you reach Levels 3000, 4000 and 5000. Don't be so hasty in judging people! You are not there yet, not even close by a long shot!

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  • brenda1966brenda1966 Posts: 14 Level 2
    edited December 2019
    Yes it is a terrible greed based “fix”.  
  • marykdbamarykdba Posts: 2 Newbie
    YES and this is the last straw! Maybe they will change it back when people stop playing in droves! Way to ruin something that eases my stress by making it more stressful!!!
  • DitteDitte Posts: 298 Level 4
    There’s no way it took 7 years to get around to “fixing” this “glitch”.   
    Clearly just a ploy to get more money out of people. 

      No it's a pretty lame excuse/explanation. Seeing the headline most people will probably think the issue is that you no longer can back out and think it will be fixed and go back to normal. 
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