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Win Free Gold Bars! Beat Elsa's score! (FINISHED)



  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,136 Sweet Legend
    Ok the message has been posted

    Is there a difference of a game board across the various platforms?

    Peggy I couldn't scroll all the way down to 1476 so I just did level 2825 on all platforms. Now I need all of you here to head on over there so that we can continue the decision there.

  • Deryck
    Deryck Posts: 1,054 Level 5
    Elsa said:

    Yes Peggy what you wrote makes perfect sense!  We could have a a study group of sorts testing this out.  They could show us their boards to see if those are different.  I am working on a Christmas animation thing right now but who wants to scroll alllllllllllllll the way down to 1476.  One do it on a PC Windows 7, another on PC Windows 10, another on Android and a final on Apple.  You guys can determine who does what but I want to compare the level to see.  This could be a good start for a test!

    I can contribute the PC Windows 10 level screenshot when I get home. 

    But for right now, it seems there's an obvious simple solution (because I can see this being an issue again) to running the contests: for people to stop choosing 4-color levels to play. The majority of levels selected so far have been.
    If people chose 5-color and 6-color levels, like the person who chose L423 (nice, actual skill involved 👍), then it'd ensure realistic scores for all participants.
  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,136 Sweet Legend
    @Deryck, when you get home can you please post the comments above to the new message that I created.   The link is in my last message.  We are flooding this contest and I know that we are going to have a lot more comments so please type your message there and please do me a favor and tag the others here that were discussing it.  I've been sitting at this computer for over 12 hours and I need to get off now.  Thanks!
  • JethrinaBodina
    JethrinaBodina Posts: 784 Level 5
    Elsa said:
    Perhaps run a new contest when this one is over and ask for that information. 

    This is my question.  If I tell 2 players to play that specific level, how can we compare if the boards are always changing.  One might get one board and the other another board.  Also when the candies drop are they the same candies dropping?  Also each is going to make different moves right?  It would be fun to find out but I think it might be difficult.  Please put on your thinking hat and give me more feedback.
    I'm not implying that the boards are actually different, rather the gameplay is somehow different. Perhaps it's as simple as the Flash version doing something the mobile isn't capable of doing. I can't find the explanation that was given to me be a PC player. Simply running contests with the question of PC or mobile will shed some light, I think. It's easy enough to add to the post with your adversity l screenshot.
    There is a noticeable difference in the setup of the game between PC and mobile, so it makes sense that there are differences that are unseen, hidden by code. 
    I'm discovering, by playing this game, that I have a competitive streak that I didn't know was in there! The challenges to beat high scores is SO much fun. But I'm also an advocate for those that are disadvantaged. Like Deryck said, mobile players get sugar drops and other boosters that PC players do not. That's not fair, either. It's called Candy Crush, not Candy Crush for PC or Android or Apple. A contest for all should be a contest that's played in the same way, just to give equal opportunity to use what they have at their disposal. I don't pay to play so winning gold would be awesome for me! I'm sure a all agree on that.
    I'm truly sorry for ruffling feathers and if any of my comments were taken as directed at a player, I apologize to that as well. If I wanted to make an accusation I would do so. My words are aimed at the programmers that allow the inconsistencies to continue when there is no reason for not fixing things that are actually broken. Instead they unravel the threads that give players incentive to continue playing.
    Sorry for being the squeaky wheel, y'all

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 23,326 Sweet Legend
    Good morning @Elsa

     Thank you, I like to do that. Because I can't get out of 3006. This is much faster and it is easier.


    Picture shows - several platforms as thought.

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 23,326 Sweet Legend PC Window 7
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