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[Finished] #TheCrushIsReal - Exclusive chance to appear in Candy Crush!



  • LadyAryana
    LadyAryana Posts: 1 Newbie

    I started to play to unwind, then it turned into waking up, when I am bored and anytime I have a moment.. I was super excited when they sent me the monopoly version of the game. Would have loved to have go e to the dinner when offered.

    The challenges are great for working through problems both in the game and I real life. When I tell friend what level I am at they seemed shocked. I I normally get bored with games but never a dull moment in Candy Crush! I live crushing the levels and even the friend competition with friends. Still trying to beat a friend, pass her every so often but she passes me right back! Thanks Candy Crush



  • Rhonda49
    Rhonda49 Posts: 8 Level 2

    Strategy is why I play! 6000 plus levels accomplished! If I can beat this game, everyday life is a breeze. #theCRUSHisREAL

  • Bibi_B2010
    Bibi_B2010 Posts: 3 Newbie


    I call it"swipe the stress away" because Candy crush is the only game that has ever help me forget the most critical situation I encountered in the past,yes! It did made me forget what my boss did to me that made me cry and wish I was never born,buy while crying,I opened my computer and decided to pass time while crying,it was so interesting that I forgot I was crying and when the light went off,I decided to download it on my phone that was it!I became an addict!

    When I can't sleep,it's candy crush I play!

    When I feel depressed I swipe away every negative thought by playing Candy crush!

    I wish I can compose a song to express how this game truly makes me feel.

    The only game that makes me strive to win even in my daily life...I haip oh thee Candy crush!

    Truly,the crush is real!


  • LynnMJ_7
    LynnMJ_7 Posts: 20 Level 2

    Must I need to explain why I LOVE Candy Crush??? It is a blast, I am addicted. All the boosters, character's, and bonuses make Candy Crush what it is. I am on level 4110 and can't wait for the next level. Thanks for a great game.


  • JethrinaBodina
    JethrinaBodina Posts: 784 Level 5

    Ode to Candy Crush 💜

    There once was a girl named Jethrine; Crushing Candy? Her daily routine!

    #thecrushisreal She plays with such zeal, and loves watching things blow to smithereens!

    Stressful thoughts melt away while she plays night and day; and helps others to see what she means.

    In a Kingdom of Candy with friends, fun, and races,

    Jethrine dreams of joining the Candy Crush smiling faces!😊🏰🍬

  • Suelatt
    Suelatt Posts: 4 Newbie


    I'm on level 4974. I am 60 and play against my older siblings, nieces, nephews and friends. King Community, is just that... a community filled with family, fun and great boosters. Besides, sports I don't know anything else that everyone can enjoy, together and help the little ones learn how to beat levels with harder challenges. Life lessons in a game, who knew. Thanks for my free prize, last year. Keep them coming.

  • katjo63
    katjo63 Posts: 11 Level 2

    I love Playing Candy Crush to escape!!! It’s relaxing and keeps me from throttling people who truly deserve it!! Thanks Candy Crush for keeping it real and keeping a handle on my sanity!#TheCrushIsReal

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