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🌈🌈 Fantastic Five Points calculation🐣🐣

aijaziqbalaijaziqbal Posts: 3,358 Legend

Hi dear.

The idea is to change the point system a little bit to have equal opportunity for everyone.

At the moment the points are awarded as per the level clearance+sugar stars and use of boosters. But i feel it is unfair for the players who are in higher ranks.

For example a player is above 7100levels now he cant clear so many levels to get maximum points as compare to the other players who are below and have more opportunities to gain maximum points.

So i believe points system needed to be revised. So i have 2 suggestions.

1.Either the points after 7000 needed to be increased.

2. The player have to be given the chance to go back to previous levels to get the points for his fantastic five team.

I hope this idea can be taken into consideration.

Thanks and regards.

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