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[Finished] 👑 The Kingdom Games - Vote for our King Champion! Yeti vs Mr Toffee

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 7,190 Community Manager
edited July 20 in Contests

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Hello Community! 

Did you know that there are 21 King games? That’s many sweet, adventurous, fierce and fantastic King characters! 

Well this Summer, our King heroes will be battling to become the very first “King Champion” 🙌 Are you ready for the show? So vote for your favorite Champion Now! 

👇 Let us know who between Yeti and Mr Toffee from Candy Crush Saga should become the King Champion by voting below 👇

️🏅 3 lucky winners will be randomly picked among those who voted and commented and receive 30 Gold bars each! 

❓️ How to participate?

Select your favourite character between Yeti and Mr Toffee and submit your vote at the bottom at this page.

Then comment on the page to let us know why it's your favourite! Remember to comment - Our heroes need your good words! No comment, no chance to win! 

Do you want to vote for other champions? Then check out here our other Kingdom Games' polls

You have until Friday 17th of July to participate. Terms and Conditions here.

[Finished] 👑 The Kingdom Games - Vote for our King Champion! Yeti vs Mr Toffee 175 votes

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Mr Toffee
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