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Claim your well-deserved Milestone Level 6000 Badge! 🎖️

Glenn1972Glenn1972 Posts: 15,927 Legend
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Hello Everyone and Congratulations! 😀

It is time to claim your well-deserved Milestone Level 6000 Badge! 🎖️ 

Here is how to get the Milestone level 6000 Badge - Post a screenshot of your Playing Field Map like the one (below) showing that you’ve reached the Sweet Level 6000. 😀

Now wait - there's more! We have a Contest to win gold bars! Scroll down. 👇️ 😁

The Contest – It’s called “Lowest Score”! 😊

The object is to play level 6000 again and compete with other players for the lowest score. To qualify you must post a screenshot of your score as shown below in the screenshot. The players with the five lowest scores (who have successfully passed the level) will win 20 GB.

This Contest will run from today – August 7th and end on Monday September 7th at 11:00 am CEST 🍄

On Tuesday Sept 8th - 5 randomly chosen winners will be announced. The winners will receive 20 Gold Bars each! 🍀

Terms and Conditions here.



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