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Link 🔗 Badges To Discussion Page.

rajdeeptbrajdeeptb Posts: 2,676 Legend
edited August 28 in Tiffi's Idea Library

Hi All community Members And Managers.

You Should Link Badges Directly That Discussion Page Where we can Earn That Badge.

I have Seen That some players Are asking That How Can I Earn This badge? I also Replied Some Players.

If we Link Badge Direct That discussion Page It may be helpful To all players.

I know Link All badges Are not Possible here But some badges Are Possible To link That Discussion Page.

I have A suggestion 👇

Or you can link By your Own Way .

Hi tagging Queen @Diamond Lim Please Show Your Power.

I also tagging My sweet Friends @Sweetice @pearl_chetna @Ashraf @rock

Please Give Your opinion 🙏🙏

To Add More Features in F5 Team Visit HERE ~~ to Add More Boosters In Friends Game Please Visit HERE ✔✔ to link Community Badges direct with discussion page Visit HERE ✔✔

Being Unique is Better Than Being Perfect. (☜☆☞)

Being Alone is Better Than Being Suspect. (๏_๏)

Be Safe And Enjoy 😊 ----- Have Fun 🎉🎉


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