Italian Corner!

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I was wondering if there could be a fourth Corner like the one mentioned in the title. I'm Italian so I speak and write Italian fluently which is natural, So I was thinking if this idea would be a good idea to be implemented in the King Community!

I would love to help and look after the Italian Corner with other Community Manager's and post related topics and contests everything in Italian. And I'm hoping that there are other members in the King Community who are Italian and which would like to speak and post things in their own mother language.❤️❤️❤️

Can you help me with the Tagging @Diamond Lim if you love this idea and can you Tag some of the Community Manager's as well to support this idea.😊

Have Delicious Day Everyone! 🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭

Italian Corner! 76 votes

Love the idea!
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Not interested!
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