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🎯 Improvements to the "level complete messages" in Candy Crush Saga!

PounaweaPounawea Posts: 3,058 Community Manager
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Dear community,

Following up your suggestions and comments around the latest changes added into the game regarding the "level complete message' in the game, we are now bringing some further improvements.

[Check out the previous community announcement with the first improvements HERE]

  • We are going to add the score to the celebration screen!

We understood that was something you really wanted to keep seeing in the game. Besides, this will also allow us to keep running as usual one of our most wanted community contest, "Beat the score"! 🙌

Let me show you a mock up below of the before and after the changes:


  • We are also improving the message when losing a level: once you have seeing the items you've collected, you were brought back to the map without having a button to directly go back to the same level to try crush it. Well, now we've improve it by adding Tiffy's information and a retry-button to make it quicker to play the level again.

Let me show you a mock up below of the before and after the changes:

  • We also improved the message for already completed levels! As requested by you, we will be adding a "retry" button as well as a next button, rather than just an ok button.

Let me show you a mock up below of the before and after the changes:

We really hope you like these changes and that it will help your experience in the game.

⚠️ Please note that we will be releasing these new improvements slowly and not all players will see the changes at the same time. It might take a little while, but it will arrive to all Candy Crushers around the world!


We need your feedback, Candy Crushers!

👉 What do you think of the visual changes we are bringing? Share your opinion & feedback with us below!


Have a delicious day and happy crushing! 🍬 🍬

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