Candy Crush Saga Skill Quiz

Hi everyone!

If you have been playing for years, you're probably quite high on the map, maybe in the 5000s or even over 8000! Even for those who started only a month ago (like me), if you want to accept the challenge to get to the top of the map, you will need skill (and luck, of course). So here's a quiz to test your skills!

  1. Which level is harder: a four-colored 64-spaced level that asks you to collect 666 blue candies or a four-colored 81-spaced level that asks you to collect 500 orange, green, and blue candies? Both have blockers.
  2. If you remove the blockers on these two levels, will the difficulty change?
  3. What is the right thing to do if you have one jelly left on a 5-colored level in the center of the 81-spaced board? You have only two moves left but you can still make a match on the final jelly. There's a color bomb to make, however, directly below the jelly. If you make the color bomb, then the final jelly match will be destroyed. However, you might be able to use the color bomb to clear it. Will you just match the final jelly match or create the color bomb and duel for it? The color of the candy on the final jelly when you have one move left is a are the colors of the candies next to the color bomb (if you make it).
  4. If you are on a level that asks you to create 5 striped candies (5 colors, 81 spaces, and 12 moves, 0 blockers), is it better to just try to make them or duel for a color bomb+striped candy combination? You have only regular candy on the board at the start of the level.
  5. You just completed level 1000 and obtained a party booster. In the next level with easy difficulty, you have 5 single jellies left with no blockers. You have 1 move left. Is it better to save the party booster for a hard level or use it now on this easy level?
  6. You just set up a color bomb+striped candy combination on an ingredients level! However, it's not activated yet. The ingredient is locked in a sugar chest. There are no other blockers, but there are 81 spaces and 5 colors. Is it better to wait until you have unlocked the chest or use it now to see the action?
  7. Level 104 is the first level that can pose a challenge for players, so a good strategy is required. While playing, you just prepared a striped candy+wrapped candy combination to use on the licorice swirls. Is this the right thing to do? Should you try using it once the swirls are gone?
  8. Level A has a 3*3 board and 5 colors. However, there are 4 additional board spaces that do not connect, are totally isolated. They contain the sixth color, yellow. The yellow candies are all wrapped. You need to collect 4 wrapped candies in 10 moves or fewer. Level B has a 81-spaced board. You need to collect 20 wrapped candies in 25 moves or fewer. There are 5 colors. Neither level has blockers. Which level requires a more complex strategy?
  9. True or false: Variable levels can also require skill.
  10. Is a color bomb+color bomb combination good for a level that asks you to create 5 color bombs in 20 moves or fewer, 49 spaces, 5 colors, 0 blockers? Not all orders are on the board.

🍭🍬Thanks for participating in the quiz and happy crushing! 🍬🍭

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🍬 Hi everyone and welcome to the community! In Candy Crush Saga, my most-played game, I'm in the 1500s. A look at my Profile would be great!🍬

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