Candy Crush Saga candy city level 23 - 1 piece stuck

fabkefabke Posts: 1,389 Level 4
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i.played with a lot off golden bars and i could not remove 1 mauve piece, so i would win, plenty of busters, but it deed not get away.

I want my golden bars back, i think more than 250.

I hated that moment, i tried so hard and i'm angry.

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 868 Level 5
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    Hi there @fabke, welcome to the Community!

    1. Could you please provide a screenshot showing the issue you are experiencing so we can help you better?
    2. If for some reason you Game is crashing/stuck/freezing, please make sure you update the App/Game to its latest version, clear cache & cookies and then try again. That sounds simple but it usually helps.
    3. As for getting your Gold Bars back, we don't deal with Purchase related issues/Refunds here in the Community because the solution and/or feedback would require your personal details. For such matters go HERE & contact King's Support.

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  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 39,991 Candy Moderator
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    Hi and Welcome to our Community

    Did you mean Saltnado Challenge ?

    For your lose goldbars Please report this to our Player Support Team here. and tell your Game ID there.

    and visit Candy Crush Saga Community

    Thank you.

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  • fabkefabke Posts: 1,389 Level 4
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    I wrote to the help center of King and got some boosters of King for Saltnado, don't now how many anymore.

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