❄️ Win Gold with the Candy Crush Saga Winter Community Contest! (Finished )

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Hello Candy Crushers,
Welcome to our 2020 Winter Holiday Community Competition! 

This is one of seven contests you can find throughout the community. You have a chance to win 20 gold bars from each contest! Play all seven and then go to the Community Hub HERE (this will be a hyperlink to the contest) to post the total of all the items you found in each of the seven contests. If you enter, you will win a Winter Holiday Badge and be eligible to win 50 more Gold Bars!

Can you tell by calculation or idea how many Holiday Stockings there are in the picture? 🙃🙃🤭

I would request you to use the Spoiler function to give the answer and you will find the guide in the screenshot below 👇

We'll pick the five players, that came the closest or randomly from among the correct respondents will be awarded 20 gold bars in their Candy Crush Saga game.

Contest runs until 15:00 CET 8 January 2021.  

Terms and Conditions here.

Have you passed 1000 levels in Candy Crush Saga?
Collect your badge from HERE.



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