📨 Candy Crush Saga - Best Feature 2020: Vote & comment your favorite!

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Dear community,

As you all know, last year we released new features in the game. Now, we want to know which one was your favorite!

📮 📨 Vote below on your favorite and comment with your thoughts!

Find below a list of a few of them (tab/click on them to find more information):

New features - 2020: Rainbow RapidsSour SkullsBubblegum PopOrder LocksLicorice Curls and FenceCandy Necklace Win Streak 

Which is your favorite and why?

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📨 Candy Crush Saga - Best Feature 2020: Vote & comment your favorite! 51 votes

Rainbow Rapids
Cw1310SpinnifixSemirarajdeeptbrababoojeesmiles65juicyjSavage 7 votes
Sour Skulls
JoJo333Nat09Remano88Tasty_Cake 4 votes
Bubblegum Pop
ElsaSukanta_BiswasEvan_LeiGlenn1972YoscaTimhungbkychauPitty_KittyMountainMomteresawallace44DieOmimiTrish24aijaziqbalNix66Princess_lovelynnarkisKrazeKBailaTania0405raiains 20 votes
Licorice Curls and Fence
Candy Necklace Win Streak
Tzvi_MarcuMightyWolfcandycrushinitlemcbltwilasiti_payungMiss_Danilaleymila_kovalenkolhalhawykoonGreymanefabkejohan1082010AlizakhanLlZARD99 16 votes
Other (please comment which one)
Merx_Gonzalezme6412FlaringCrystal120bbaunbaby 4 votes


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