APP kept crushing and not able to load

crazy_candy_crashercrazy_candy_crasher Posts: 11 Level 2
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My candy crash app is not loading past the first page on IOS 14.4.1 version. I don’t know how to check if I have saved my progress in my Facebook account. I am at level 8940 and I need help getting into my game.


  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 44,859 Diamond Diaries Moderator

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    How about you tried to follow these troubleshooting steps of Crashing/Freezing issue/bug.

    You can click here (Apple) then you can find and follow troubleshooting steps that I hope this helps. 😉

    ⚠️ NOTE ⚠️

    If you want to try uninstall and install steps, you have your gold bars are saved/transfered but all of the boosters have lost and some events will be reset and gone.

    I will also tagging Candy Crush Moderators/Expert Players if they can help you another solutions. 😊

    @Sukanta_Biswas, @bearwithme, @wykoon

    By the way, Thank you for your playing Candy Crush Saga! 😊

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  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 11,220 Candy Moderator

    Hello @crazy_candy_crasher - I’m very sorry to hear this is happening to you. Hopefully some of the excellent advice you received clears up the problem. I play on both an iPhone and iPad and have the latest software but fortunately I do not have any issues.

    However I do want to recommend that you create a account (not your community account) and then sync it with your FB account. That way if you should ever have an issue with FB - which I had last week where for whatever reason it kept taking me back to level 1, you will be able to switch to your King account and still be at your current level. 😊

    I hope everything works out for you. 👍💕

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  • crazy_candy_crashercrazy_candy_crasher Posts: 11 Level 2

    Thank you all for the responses. How do I create a King Account to sync up my progress?? In addition, I played with my Facebook and how do I checked if my progress has been saved in Facebook? And looks like this issue has been happening since Feb and i am just experiencing after about a month. Will this be fixed anytime soon. I really don’t want to uninstall until I know I won’t lose my level of 8940.

  • crazy_candy_crashercrazy_candy_crasher Posts: 11 Level 2

    Is there a way to transfer all my progress and play via Facebook or online??

  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 59,285 Sweet Legend

    @crazy_candy_crasher Hi and welcome.

    You can just sign into facebook game or windows 10 game with your account details and your levels and gold should sync across automatically

    If you want to sync your facebook with a king account you need to do this on a PC

    Can I sync my progress between Facebook and

    Quite simply yes you can! It's really straightforward to sync your progress between Facebook, mobile and, which means if you would like to switch platforms, you can easily do so without having to start the game again.

    To sync your progress with, please complete the following steps:

    • Go to the King website at
    • Log in using your existing King profile, or create a new King profile if you don't already have one.
    • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon
    • Select ‘Account’
    • You will be prompted to confirm your password
    • Select the option ‘Score and progression sync’ and then proceed to enter your Facebook login information
    • Once complete, your progress will be updated across all King games on

    Thank you

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