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Please please please put a confirmation on this button. I think it's been now the 4th time that I have accidently clicked it, only to have all the precious gold bars I had spent a month building up to DISAPPEAR, only to receive a few measly extra moves, as opposed to a full set of lives for near the same "price" It's a dirty trick, IMO. Thank you.

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    Hello and welcome

    Please see the list of ideas beforehand if you want to post. Because this idea already exists and please vote there.

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    Hello @Gufty_Bovilex and a very warm welcome to our friendly community. I can certainly understand your frustration. I have certainly experienced something similar in the past. As has been mentioned above - there already is a similar idea that is active HERE so I suggest you vote on that idea and give it your support.

    I am going to close this idea now as a duplicate idea.

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