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🍬🐍 Sssomething is coming to the game - choose the name for our new candy! (ended)

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Sssomething new is sssneaking in to Candy Crush Saga!

Yes, a new feature is on the way to the game. It’s sssly, sssassy and sssmart...

This new sssweet feature will soon appear on the game board, but how does it work? For now that will be a sssecret and a sssweet sssurprise...

Everything is ready for this new addition, except one thing... the name!

We want you to help us to decide and choose the name for the new feature by voting and commenting here below. 

The poll will close on Friday 28 May 2021 (04:00 EST/ 10:00 CET), so don’t hesitate and vote now!

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🍬🐍 Sssomething is coming to the game - choose the name for our new candy! (ended) 650 votes

Candy Cobra
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Melon Mamba
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Raspberry Rattler
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