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👧🐨 Poll of the week - Tiffi vs Yeti

Crazy Cat Lad
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Tiffi or Yeti?

Yeti or Tiffi?

Which one do you prefer?

Vote and comment on what team you are in?

👧🐨 Poll of the week - Tiffi vs Yeti 112 votes

Tzvi_MarcuScooterpieMerx_GonzalezSabrinaMkiara_waelgr33n3y3zpeggyvereenbeth01011954NenikapakiDieOmimiExtremeCBNix66MARGARETJMrBen97Vibhash_DwivediIffu2rebelchildwbwmaryjane117Priyacandy 50 votes
Crazy Cat Lad_Elsa_ChardonnaybearwithmeNat09Svera1siti_payungMarzia333olyamtLa LeyNancy31MountainMomHavishsanto_chris97wykoonMollyShechicerillasmokingcatme6412Cats4Caz 62 votes


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