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📖 🍬 Help on Levels! 15 Best tips & hints on how best to play and enjoy Candy Crush Saga.

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Dear Candy Crushers,

Are you looking for some help on levels? Would you like to know what other Candy Crushers do or think while crushing levels?

On behalf of our amazing Level designers, we would like to share with you some help on levels: find below a list of the 15 best tips and hints on how best to play and enjoy Candy Crush Saga.

*Also, comment below and share your best tips and hints with the community! Let's create together a fantastic guide for all Candy Crushers 🙌

Candy Crush Saga 15 Best tips & hints:

  1. Study your board before starting! What is the objective? What is your first priority? Is there something you need to look out for?
  2. Save your special candies for the biggest impact! But be careful not to save them for too long.
  3. Make your moves count, and keep track of how many you have left! Sometimes it's more important to damage blockers than to line up for a special candy.
  4. To increase your chances of helpful cascades, try to make matches along the bottom of the game board!
  5. Candy Bombs can be distracting! Keep an eye on them, but make sure to keep the objective of the level in mind too.
  6. Chocolate is tasty but can be tricky to deal with. If the level has few colors it's usually quite easy to clear, but for levels with more colors, it can be very risky to let it grow too much!
  7. Destroying licorice swirls on the board will pause the spawning for one turn. This can be helpful to clear the board, but also risky if you need to gather many of them!
  8. If you pay extra attention you can figure out when your next striped candy, wrapped candy, or a Color Bomb will spawn from the cannons! They always spawn in a pre-set pattern. The pattern, however, differs from level to level.
  9. Ingredient levels sometimes don't require you to remove all blockers, focus on the path down to the collector!
  10. Damaging a magic mixer will cause it to pause charging up for that turn, this can be helpful in delaying the magic mixer to spawn in blockers, but can also be bad if you need the blocker that is being spawned in for an order!
  11. When the level requires you to spawn in keys, blockers, or ingredients from the candy cannons it's always a good idea to make matches underneath these, to make space for the thing you need to spawn in!
  12. When playing a level with Samantha the frog, make sure that you plan out your jumps well! You don't accidentally want her to get stuck somewhere where she can't recharge.
  13. Cake bombs activate a party popper that damages all tiles once! This can be very helpful to open a level up, so focusing on the cake first can be your best bet at clearing a level.
  14. Hard levels often contain lots of blockers with many layers! These levels are where you really have to focus and try to make special candy combinations! Matching a color bomb with a striped or wrapped candy can make a hard level much easier!
  15. Finally, don't give up! Some levels are very tricky, and you might need quite a few tries to pass it, but we believe in you!

Now, we would love to read yours!

➡️ Which ones are the tips and hints you would like to share with the Candy Crush Saga community? Drop your comments below!

Have a delicious day and, happy crushing everyone 🍬 🍬



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