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🎟️🔟 Level 10 000 - exclusive chance to be involved in the making of the level!

Crazy Cat Lad
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As you already may have noticed, level 10 000 is coming to Candy Crush Saga.

If you are as excited as we are over this huge milestone, then you've found the right page here in the Community!

Our Level Designers are working on the level at this moment, but they want your help to make the level even sweeter and absolutely divine.

We want to offer you an exclusive sneak peek of the level 10 000 design process where you will have the chance to give your feedback and thoughts on the level directly to @LindQ and the Level Designer Team.

You'll have the chance to make an impact on the final level version that will go live in August. Sweet huh?

If you want to participate in this Level 10 000 project and help the Level Designers to make the level sweet and divine, then post your Game ID on the page here. Please do not hesitate with posting your Game ID, since we will need the Game ID numbers before this Friday.

Unsure on how to find your Game ID? Please check HERE.

We have only space to give this exclusive chance to 10 players and we will need all Game ID:s before Friday 2 July 9:00 CET/ 03:00 EST!

If you get picked to this exclusive chance, we will send you a Private Message here in the Community on Friday 2 July!



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