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Are you crazy about chocolate and also a master of Candy Crush Saga?

Do you complete the tasks in the Chocolate Box way too easy or super quickly?

Now, we have the perfect challenge for you. Chocolate Box Deluxe - with extra sweet and luxurious chocolates and new delicate tasks are coming soon.

How can I get the new Chocolate Box Deluxe?

After you complete the “regular” Chocolate Box, then the Deluxe version will appear in your game and replace the previous one.

The Chocolate Box Deluxe can be recognized by its golden colour and brilliant look.

What’s new in this box?

It’s not only the look that is new, the tasks will also be new. 

The tasks behind the chocolates will be more challenging, but the rewards will also be way bigger and sweeter!

How many times can I do the tasks in the Chocolate Box Deluxe?

Once the Chocolate Box Deluxe is completed, you’ll be back to the regular box again. The regular box will need to be completed each time to get access to the Deluxe one. 

The Chocolate Box Deluxe will come to the game now in September!

Are you ready for this new challenge with the luxurious chocolates and bigger rewards?



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