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Feedback on levels 10 116 - 10 160!



  • fizaaa
    fizaaa Posts: 38 Level 2
    edited September 2021

    We had a little break in the middle-late 9000 levels until the 10 before 10,000 and almost every level after. Now we're back to the ridiculous levels that now require boosters/extra moves to complete and are very frustrating. I play Candy Crush to destress and relax but feel the exact opposite playing now. I've had to use most of my boosters and gold bars to get to where I am at - level 10,134.


    • These newer levels aren't enjoyable. Hire people who can design better levels without compromising the spirit of the game. There's zero creativity in drastically reducing moves and increasing the requirements to win so that you need boosters and extra moves to win each level. In addition, having to play levels many times to win isn't fun. Not everyone wants to play very challenging levels. Some of us just want to escape the real world for a bit and have fun crushing candies!
    • I am not paying to play, and making the game more frustrating to play will lead me to quit. I won't purchase anything to pass levels I don't even enjoy.
    • Please don't tell us to watch a video to learn to pass levels or other condescending and useless responses such as "all levels can be passed and some just take longer," "levels are sometimes changed" (uhh, yeah, obviously), and a designer who tells us they had no trouble passing a level does nothing to helps us pass. Well, I'd hope they can pass the level they design. If I've made it past 10,000, I know how to play. It's not my lack of ability. It's the low amount of moves and all the requirements to complete the levels in said (few) moves that's the issue.
    • At least provide those of us who are beyond 10,000 with rewards like gold bars and boosters more frequently. I am no longer winning episodes so how about five gold bars and/or a booster and extra lives for every five levels completed? That would be more helpful for me than these new in-game games like "Sweet Crew" where I have to depend on people. Of the 31 levels completed by my "Sweet Crew" so far, I've completed 19 of them. I'd rather just earn based on my own merit.
  • andi88
    andi88 Posts: 5 Level 2

    10150 - Impossible to clear as the game refuses to drop candies for the Candy Frog to eliminate the skulls even after you cleared both of the cake things!

  • King_Neal
    King_Neal Posts: 1,497 Level 4

    Hello level designers (@LindQ, where are you??),

    I am back with my latest update on level 10,144. It’s been over two full days now and I have played this level 51 times now and still not coming close. I am up to the maximum offer of 35 extra moves for 10 gold bars, unfortunately I only have two, so those 35 extra moves are of no use to me!

    How about after being stuck long enough to get the 35 extra moves, you just allow the player to use the 35 extra moves without needing the 10 gold bars?

    I don’t see ever getting a lucky enough board to beat this level. To make it a regular difficulty level, you really need to remove all the locked licorice from the board. I’m not just talking about removing the locks, I’m talking about removing all the locks and the licorice. Then, maybe it will be a doable level.

    This has got to be the most frustrating level I’ve played in the last several months. It really needs some kind of adjustment. Either that, or maybe every 10 fails, the player can be awarded 10 gold bars for putting up with such a difficult level.

    Please do something to fix this level. I don’t know how much longer I will keep beating my head against the wall with this level before I just give up altogether! 🙁

  • Temilade01
    Temilade01 Posts: 2 Newbie

    Level 10144

    Total waste of time, boosters.

    Please fix, it's so annoying.

  • King_Neal
    King_Neal Posts: 1,497 Level 4

    Hello level designers,

    Here is my latest update on the dreaded level 10,144. I don’t think the level has been tweaked at all, but I finally passed the level through sheer luck, pregame boosters, six extra moves from watching ads after losing for the 56th time, three hammers and two hand switches won from the chocolate box and booster wheel! It took all of that and an incredibly lucky board that included getting TWO color bomb/color bomb combos! That was absolutely ridiculous!

    As it turns out, my joy was short lived, as level 10,147 is turning out to be another level just like 10,144. I have played level 10,147 many times already, and haven’t come remotely close to winning. I hope the level designers will look at these two levels and make some adjustments. Having such difficult levels just takes all the fun out of the game. These last three episodes have been some of the worst I’ve played so far.

  • jj0plin
    jj0plin Posts: 5 Level 2

    I am very displeased and disappointed with how difficult levels are now. It's no longer fun and the boards are impossible without buying lots of extra moves. After using all my boosters and gold bars, it's time for a long break from Candy Crush Saga. I could not pass 10147, even with 35 extra moves. Every walkthrough video I have sent for this episode has less obstacles and more moves than I receive. I am a daily user who is often Fastest to the Finish and am usually waiting for new levels by Monday.

  • Andres-2
    Andres-2 Posts: 4,012 Level 5
    edited September 2021

    Hi @LindQ  

    Verifying levels 10035 and 10041 on mobile devices is very difficult

    10035 The closed liquorice swirl is the one that bothers or removes something, when it is time to remove a sour skullmany movements are lost until arriving.


    Delete Crystal Candy because it is excessive in the mobile version, I saw youtube videos that there were 2 cake bombs but they are no longer there.

  • King_Neal
    King_Neal Posts: 1,497 Level 4

    Hello Level Designers,

    I am here to give one last update on the latest ridiculous levels. I don’t know how I did it, but I finally passed level 10,147. It took a very lucky board, six extra moves from watching ads, 5 hammers, and a strategically timed hand switch. I thought things were finally going to get better, but how wrong I was!

    I ran into a level that clearly shows the goal of these difficult levels - getting everyone to give in an buy boosters! I see now it really is all about the money. I guess there isn’t enough income generated from all the ads I have been watching to get boosters and extra moves. The level that finally made everything clear?

    Level 10,150 - This level must be the first time I’ve actually seen one that appears to be impossible to pass without using lots of boosters. There are 5 sour skulls that must be triggered to release the ingredients and open up the locked sections. I don’t see any way to trigger the sour skulls without using several hammers as they are protected by locked licorice. There aren’t remotely enough moves available to clear enough of the blockers to get to the point where there are openings to get striped candies above the sour skulls. Samantha is available, but is of no use in clearing blockers or activating the sour skulls. To add insult to frustration, after every aggravating loss, there is a screen offering the opportunity to buy boosters - “Owl My!” Basically I am being told that unless you buy boosters, you’re NEVER passing this level.

    I have finally had enough. It’s been a good run, but level 10,150 is where I call it quits. Maybe I’ll come back in a year or two and see if anything has changed, but for now I don’t need the frustration in my life. So long Candy Crush Saga, but you have finally crushed any desire I had left to continue playing.

    Good luck to everyone else who is still trying. You will need it!

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