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Feedback on levels 10 116 - 10 160!



  • Yorben_Goeree
    Yorben_Goeree Posts: 3,874 Level 5

    Hello, @LindQ I give you a question about level 10 150. It’s not possible for without using boosters because that’s about with Sour Skull.

    It is a problem with the Sour Skull. I can’t break a Sour Skull because it’s blocked by licorice swirls under the order lock with “Sour Skull” orders and ice blockers. Therefore for all special candies and Samantha the frog are cannot break the Sour Skull. Please change for the order lock or remove a Sour Skull. (For example: order lock with Toffee Swirls)

  • John_58011
    John_58011 Posts: 212 Level 3

    I am on Win 10 and done these levels two weeks' ahead of those struggling on Facebook and mobile. We had more moves on Win 10 as usual.

    The levels sound worse than they were on Win 10, reading this thread. So many complaints about Sour Skulls, but I think even worse is the Order Lock. If King are mindful about the Sour Skulls, then they should also be mindful about the Order Locks. Even more so, when they take away moves. Right ??

    The difficulty has been ramped up, that is why the Daily Treat Machine has now got more powerful boosters as reward, including Party Booster. Doing that update to the machine, is self-admission that they are making the levels a step harder.

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 15,317 Legend

    @John_58011 except not everyone gets the Party Popper booster from their Treat Machine. So far after something like three weeks at the max level all I have seen are Fish, Colour Bomb and Coco Wheels. I think the best result I have had is three colour bombs at once.

  • beccasdad
    beccasdad Posts: 53 Level 3

    I got a flying saucer once, never a party popper.

  • knitsafghans
    knitsafghans Posts: 59 Level 3

    10150 is impossible. In videos it had many more moves plus the meringue disappears after 2 hits. Please fix it.

  • Soda_bottelet
    Soda_bottelet Posts: 268 Level 3

    Same here! Absolutely impossible without using boosters and extra moves because it’s about the Sour Skull!!! Sour Skull must be removed!

  • horrorqueen
    horrorqueen Posts: 16 Level 2

    10153... terrible level, I've never been stuck so long on one level can't get anywhere near completing it.

  • Lynn_Kalbfleisch
    Lynn_Kalbfleisch Posts: 51 Level 3

    I have been on this level now for 4 days. It has never taken me this long to pass a level. This morning I got down to 15 with a free 5 move win on the wheel. I keep telling myself to quit and play some of the other games on my tablet. That may be Candy Crushes goal so they can stop adding levels. I used to be Abe to complete all 45 new levels weekly. That stopped a few months ago.

  • E-3
    E-3 Posts: 55 Level 3

    Since passing the 10,000 mark it seems like there has been a really noticeable shift in difficulty. Its taking so long to pass any level, particularly the ones without skulls. The moves needed to pass are stripped back to the minimum so your have to almost look for every move to play perfectly, or luckily. Then after playing over and over the game lets you past, and the points are rubbish. Winning any of the prizes is near impossible, as they al most always expire. I've never really been a fan of the sour skull, particularly in levels where the board is so awkward that the move options are minimal and always directed away from the skull. I wish the number of hits needed on the sour skull would count down so you know when it will be over.


  • naderAltelehy
    naderAltelehy Posts: 5 Level 2

    A new problem with level 10678 . Not enough keys

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