sharing boosters with fellow FANTASTIC FIVE teammates

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level 10000 plus are getting harder, so more LIVES are needed but so are BOOSTERS!! what about the abilities of fellow teammates in FANTASTIC FIVE who can share the boosters they have with each other?? instead of waiting 25minutes plus for more lives, can yall please cut it down to 10-15 minutes??

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    Hi @Munster The sharing of boosters is forbidden by the Master List of Ideas. Also the Master List prohibits the submission of any idea related to lives.


    Please note that many ideas get duplicated several times, therefore, below please find a list of topics that need not be addressed since these topics have been archived (will not be implemented)

    Fantastic Five (any discussion on this event), Fish, Go to level (vote HERE for original idea), Levels (anything to do with lives or asking for level changes is not an idea/post it in the Discussion area), Lives (all, including asking for shorter time or more lives), Moves, Free Boosters/Gold Bars, or Rewards for being at the top (the studio is always hosting events and adding different ways for players to get free boosters and gold bars), Sharing (lives or boosters with friends), Timed boosters (they are on a clock so once the clock starts ticking it runs until time runs out), Wheel (the wheel was updated not too long ago).

    Please do not create new ideas on any of these listed above. Please feel free to check out Tiffi's Idea Library for additional archived ideas. Thank you.


    Also your idea of sharing boosters with your F5 team mates is very similar to an idea that has been archived already, which may make your idea a duplicate.


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    Hi @Munster!

    Please keep it one idea in one post so players can vote on one idea at the time.

    The timer for Lives won't be changed and there is already a similar idea posted to send Boosters between other players.

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