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🎃 Halloween in Candy Crush Saga - find all details here!

Crazy Cat Lad
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The sweet and spooky season is here!

Halloween is coming to the Candy Kingdom. Here's all what's happening in the game and in the Community these weeks before Halloween.

The Oranges Candies in the game will be turned into pumpkins!

This pumpkin detail will give us all the sweet and spooky feeling when crushing the candies.

On top of the pumpkin candies, the game will be full of Halloween events. Mark your calendars with the following dates and events:

The Greatest Pumpkin 

20-24 October & 27-31 October

Collect the orange Halloween Pumpkin candies and compete against other players around the world. The top Greatest Pumpkin players on the leaderboard will win spooky rewards when the event finishes.

Trick or Treat

19 - 25  October 

Three spooky challenges with Yeti before Halloween. The more missions you complete, the bigger treats you will win when the event ends.

Tuesday & Wednesday - Pass 15 levels when Yeti trick or treat at Odus’ house.

Thursday & Friday - Complete 9 levels with Sugar Stars when Yeti visits Misty’s house.

Saturday & Sunday - Collect 9 Golden Crowns when Yeti is collecting treats from Mr Toffee. 

Carving Contest

25 October - 31 October

Collect the orange Halloween Pumpkin candies on your regular levels. A sweet treat is waiting for you, if you manage to reach the target.

Saga Stories - Halloween 

18 October - 1 November

Follow the spooky Saga story with Tiffi and Yeti on your Saga map. Something scary is going on in the Candy Kingdom.

Complete the levels on your regular Saga map to continue the story and claim some sweet treats on the way.

Halloween Pass

18 October - 1 November

Progress in the spooky path in Halloween Pass by completing your regular levels. Sweet and spooky rewards to claim while you progress.

Spine Chilling Climb

18 October - 31 October

Climb up on the spooky tree with Tiffi  and claim sweet rewards on your way up.

How high up do you think you dare to go? If you miss the reward the Popsicle Poltergeist will take back all rewards you collected!

Halloween in the Community!

14 October - 5 November

Halloween events are not only available in the game.

Help Tiffi in the kitchen with her pumpkin pie and get the chance to win Gold Bars and UFO Boosters HERE.

What would you say if Yeti and Tiffi knocked on your door and said 'Trick or Treat'? Let us know and claim your Candy Halloween badge HERE.

Attention US-players!

Since the All Stars event is still running in USA, the Halloween events won't appear in your game until from the 25th October.

If you didn't qualify for the All Stars Semi Final, you will receive some of the events already on the 18th.

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