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BADGES for Fast Race Streak of CCS !!

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Hello everyone!

Hope you're doing well!😄

Actually I came up with an idea, 'Badges for Fast Race Streak'🏆️🏅🏆️ to add in your collection .

When you start a Fast Race🏁 it shows how many fast races you have won so far i.e. your streak (like 5,10,11,30,etc.)

So as there are streak badges for Candy Streak Necklace in Community, I thought there should be badges Fast Race Streak too !😗😗

If you like this idea then here👇️👇️ is the poll, and if you want ask regarding this idea then feel free to ask me😊😊

BADGES for Fast Race Streak of CCS !! 46 votes

Yeah, Good Idea !
Barry_Dean_ClarkDiamond_LimGlenn1972[Deleted User]bearwithmeSpinnifixjeanpsRpM63aautz1RobinCortesiti_payungbmkersey08Marzia333MiladyRLa LeyLoveDachs[Deleted User]MollySMaryLuyo2020Nikolaos_Prodromidis 44 votes
No, Not So Interesting !
DieOmimicarmenechevarria 2 votes


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