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Feedback on levels 10 701 - 10 745!



  • Micke101Micke101 Posts: 13 Level 2
    edited November 2021

    Now I have tried over 100 times the best I still have 29 left. Where is @LindQ we need someone to look over the levels because it is impossible to get past without buying move or booster.


  • scooter1scooter1 Posts: 27 Level 2

    What a joke! I have no hard levels showing on all 45 levels yet they are all impossible to pass without using gold bars or umpteen boosters so far, which I don't have .I was once told here if people leave the game there are always new players to take their place & this was by a moderator. Level 705 gives you 17 moves while google help shows a player a week ago needed 27 to pass it being allowed 32 moves. Every level so far has had the number of moves slashed. Give us a break!! Developers if you've had a bad week don't take it out on us players.

  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 869 Level 3

    One thing is for sure, there will be no point in doing this thread next week, as there will be almost nobody available to discuss the new levels.

  • Diana_HedstromDiana_Hedstrom Posts: 10 Level 2

    I am on level 10702. I have used all my boosters. There is no way to get the last 4 chocolates as even when you have cleared all the other requirements there is no way to make more chocolate. No sense even trying after trying the last 2 days.

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,601 Level 4

    Maybe we should restart our old post, before it was hijacked. There at least we had a moaning session, with no expectation of KING fixing things. I was fun then imo.

    When this post started I thought this was the start of something good. They tended to listen to players and fixed things, with the promise that mishaps will be much less frequent. @LindQ was a breath of fresh air, and things happened quicker. Not sure if she ran out of steam or if it is KING reigning her in. It is unusual not to get answers to burning issues.

    I think that since level 10 000, the issues also compounded, and it could be that the reinventing of older levels and tweaking them, has something to do with it.

    Are they running out of ideas?

    Players have complained about sour skulls, but still they persists, and what about the lottery levels, the dreaded "OOPS", and many more issues.

    We are approaching level 11 000, and if they have nothing fresh to offer, it my be time to pack up. It will be a shame though, since this once enjoyable game is petering out into a chore for me. "Let me finish the 45 levels before the next 45 is released". I am not even looking forward to the new releases any more. I counted the days till the next Wednesday, since their was a scurry to complete the levels asap. @Peter_Tornaros used to complete all levels within 3 hours most of the time, and that was my benchmark.

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 1,255 Level 4

    @Albert_Heinrich I agree with everything you said. Like you, I couldn't wait for the new levels, which were released, usually about 10.00pm Australian time. I would then play until 1.00am+ to finish all the levels in one session.

    Now I don't start until the next morning and depending on the quality of the releases, might play 2 episodes in one session, then the last episode that night. If it is rubbish released, I just dawdle through !!

  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 869 Level 3
    edited November 2021

    Agree @Albert_Heinrich, lets get the old discussion thread going. These ones are a waste of time, the feedback questions in the OP are always ignored, and feedback within the thread is always ignored.

    One good example is the fish booster -months and months worth of feedback on these threads about how the fish doesn't work properly, or can cause sour skull levels to crash.... and if we look in the stickied threads, King have ignored all that good feedback, and are instead going to very slightly alter the appearance of the fish!

  • ScooterpieScooterpie Posts: 4,584 Level 5

    @Albert_Heinrich @Peter_Tornaros @Michael-6 I am most disappointed this week! I have now completed the 1st two episodes.

    I did not get the 2nd part (round two) of the contest which started today. It came up like I was going to play, then nothing.

    I lost my "Win Streak/Candy Necklace" whatever you want to call it after I completed level 10727 for "NO REASON!"

    Now we are going to have a bunch of December stuff, well the November stuff wasn't working so well?

    We thought this thread was a good idea? Be careful of what we wish for, I think?

    And bring back Dexter! Sometimes more simple is much more better!

    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,601 Level 4

    KING giveth, KING taketh. Those 100 GB's was meant for this weeks release. And here we though KING's generosity was at play. I was about to hail to the KING, Long Live the KING, but alas, I reserved my comments.

    Battered and bruised, minus plenty IGB's (I lost count), I got through the first 15 levels. This is the first time since Shrek and Donkey's escapades, that I had to buy extra lives.

    Donkey: Don't die, Shrek. And if you see a long tunnel, stay away from the light.

    Donkey: You know what ELSE everybody likes? Parfaits! Have you ever met a person, you say, "Let's get some parfait," they say, "Hell no, I don't like no parfait."? Parfaits are delicious!

    Donkey : 'Cause I'm all alone / There's no one here beside me / My problems have all gone / There's no one to deride me! / But ya gotta have friends...

    Shrek : STOP SINGING!

  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 869 Level 3

    The first episode is astonishing. You think to yourself "there is no way the next level could be any more badly designed than the current one" and then, lo and behold, it is. Incredible work.

    This first episode neatly resembles the covid pandemic, each level being one more disgusting variant to be endured. As thats what this episode is- it is no game, it has no enjoyment or pleasure, there is no satisfaction to be found as you are forced to constantly pay up to pass, it is simply one foul piece of excrement to be endured after another.

  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 18,974 Friends Moderator

    I also rushed through the first episode, but only because I've had a working episode race again for a long time. And from my team the IGB. 

    From what I had read here, I expected worse. Well, it wasn't pretty either. My time, in which I waited longingly for every Wednesday, is also long gone. If I didn't have such a great F5 team with @Albert_Heinrich as leader, I probably would have disappeared from this game long ago. 

    So yes, the episode race still exists. Also for Win10 in the first episode. I didn't count how long it lasted for me.

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,601 Level 4
  • ScooterpieScooterpie Posts: 4,584 Level 5

    @DieOmimi @Albert_Heinrich I did not get an episode race on my 1st day of playing the new levels (only played 5 levels). I did get the race on my 2nd day of playing levels. Today on my 3rd day of playing levels it is gone again? I am just playing as I feel the desire. No pattern at all, just not going to worry about that race anymore at this time.

    Do not know if I will play any more levels today. I was trying to get in a better frame of mind about this week until I did not get the 2nd part of the contest. Things could work for the holidays really powers that be! Really! Oh Yeah!

    Not Happy ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 869 Level 3

    No episode race in mine, what a surprise. Another feature King can't get working properly. No point mentioning it in the feedback thread though, as the feedback clearly goes straight into the bin.

    Anyway, there must have been some sort of mistake, as i just finished the first episode and the last level 10715 wasn't absolutely awful. It can be passed without boosters and without extra moves. Completely at odds with the rest of the episode. Somebody is probably getting fired for that oversight!

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 1,255 Level 4

    I haven't had the Episode Race for months !! Also my Chocolate Box has disappeared and the Booster Wheel comes and goes.

    The Candy Chronicles are a waste of time unless you want to spend money and does anybody play the Star Tournament or Milestone Challenge ???

    There seems to be not coordination between sections of the King empire, just the determination of each section to be more incompetent than another !!!

    As @Scooterpie said bring back Dexter, a simple and fun sideline game.

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